So you’ve decided to lose your next election. 5 DINO Republocrats who need to be primaried NOW

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The vote is in on the Rockefellar Public Option Amendment and it has failed, not because Democrats do not have a majority, but because some Democrats are corrupt shills who hide behind Republicans as an excuse for their own corruption,

    The following Democrats voted against competition, thus ensuring their own defeat in their next primary elections.

NO – Baucus      (BlueCross-MT)

NO – Conrad      (BlueCross-ND)

NO – Lincoln     (BlueCross-AR)

NO – Carper      (BlueCross-DE)

NO – Ben Nelson  (BlueCross-FL)

    Oh, and regarding Bif$%kingyousansh!t, let it be noted that EVERY SINGLE Republican voted NO, including Senate Majority Leader Olympia Snowe.

    Throw down the gauntlet, progressives. The electoral beatings of DINO’s should begin NOW!

And now the Schumer version of the Publiic Option is dead too, only Nelson and Carper voted yea out of the 5 DINO Republicrats, Conrad, Baucus and Lincoln all voted NO.

   They have to go. Simple.

   So, wehn they ask for your vote, money or volunteer work, the best answer we can give them is “Sorry, we just don’t have the votes to get you re-elected, so I am voting NO and primarying your ASS”


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    • BobbyK on September 29, 2009 at 22:50
  2. elect better democrats.  I personally don’t think that’s gonna work.  It’s time to focus energy on breaking the system.  

  3. In addition to running strong primary opponents against these reprobates, run strong independent candidates against them in the general.  Make the abandonment of these DINOs complete.  No more money for any Democratic politician until or unless said candidate demonstrates genuinely progressive credentials by putting action to progressive rhetoric.

  4. They did, didn’t they?

    Why of all the low-down, dirty, no-good …

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  6. interesting stuff

  7. Really?  

  8. All this talk of “primarying.”  Who’s running?

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