Snowe(d): Trigger is OUT, Co-Op Cop-Out is in. Won’t even risk it, the cowards

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Sen. Snowe, regarding a “trigger” for a Public Option

Snowe:     “It’s(a trigger) not on the table, and it won’t be, we’ll be using a Co-Op as an option, as a means for injecting competition in the process.

    They’re not even going to risk a trigger, the cowards.


More below the fold, and a Call to ACTION.


    The Senate Finance Committee for sale is NOT EVEN GOING TO RISK a trigger on a Public Option, a compromise of a compromise of a compromise. Keep this shit up, Senators, and you will be compromising the whole election victory of Novemeber.

    This is such a disgraceful sell out it is just sad. The fact is ending the exclusion based on pre-existing conditions is fantastic, but without real, non profit driven competition the only way to cover the rising cost of paying for treatment for the people who were previously excluded AND maintaining profits wwill be by driving up insurance prices.

    Co-Op and/or Triggered Public Option = MASSIVE FAIL

    Not only is the Public Option the only real way to break up the monopolies the health insurers enjoy, it is the only check to the corporate model that caused this whole humanitarian and financial disaster in the first place.

    If we can NOT even Dare to Threaten the Murder by Spreadsheet insurance monopolies with the reform after all the shit we’ve been put through by the teabagging deathers and Obstructionist YOU LIARS, we are fucked, and you might as well call it a Shamocracy of the Corporation, by the Corporation and for the Corporation, now with elections for the proles!

Thank goodness, some Democrats have a spine and get it.

According to  The WonkRoom at Sen. Jay Rockefellar (D-WV) had this to say about Co-Op’s recently


      “(P)eople talk about a cooperative plan. Health co-ops. And I called the head of the national association really early, and he said, it’s great on water, it’s great on farm, it’s great on electricity, etc, but it really doesn’t work on health care. There are fewer than 20 in the country and there are only two that really work. And one of them is in Washington, the other one is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And both of these senators from Washington are voting for a public option. So it hasn’t had a future, it goes back to the 30s and 40s, and I don’t think you can take the chance. You have to start a national thing all the way up.”

    In other words, this is the Co-Op plan

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     The Senate Finance Committee is a damned joke, and it will continue to be a damned joke until Progressives put their foot down and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

     Therefore, I am asking you to Yell Louder today and let your Congress Critters in the House and the Senate know in simple terms that there is NO other options to a Public Option, not if they want REAL REFORM.

Call COngress Toll Free at 1 800 828 0498


Contact Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [D-CA8] by E-Mail here


Contact House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer [D-MD5] by E-Mail here

Contact House Majority Whip James Clyburn [D-SC6] by E-Mail here

    Please CONTACT your House Representative , you can search for their contact information here or call (202) 225-1904.

Tell Them WE WANT WHAT THEY HAVE, which is Non-Profit, Government Ran Insurance

      Please CONTACT your Senators , Click Click here to go to the Official Senate webpage where you can find contact information for your Senators

Tell Them WE WANT WHAT THEY HAVE, which is Non-Profit, Government Ran Insurance

    I do NOT want RINO (Reform In Name Only) Health Care Reform, and I will NOT eat a Shit Sandwich on this,

    If we can NOT pass a reform that the Insurers and Wall St does not like, we are FUCKED, not just as a party, but as a country.

    So let’s get it done. Make some calls today and let the Senators and representatives know, I WANT WHAT YOU HAVE, AND IF YOU WON’T GIVE IT TO ME I’LL REPLACE YOU WITH SOMEONE WHO WILL.

Peace, and thank you for your calls and e-mails.


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  1. He would have wanted REAL REFORM, not REFORM in Name Only.

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  2. we knew about this months ago.  The evil sith Lords in the Comittee of 300 decided on two major initiatives this year.

    The first was the engineered financial collapse, for power and profit.

    The second is the militarization of all things “health” again for fun,profit and ego gratifying omnipotent control.

    Dr. Evil  Rockefeller and Rothschild.

    If all else fails we can invade Oak Knoll California again and kick some terrist ass.

  3. where it belongs.  Obama is the one who killed single payer, and single payer was the only real reform.  

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