Quagmires: 8yrs. After 9/11

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Public Views Shifting on War in Afghanistan

Jeffrey Brown speaks with editorial page editors about the public’s view on the war in Afghanistan and increasing doubts over sending more troops.

JIM LEHRER: The prospect of expanding the American presence in Afghanistan ran into new opposition today. It came as the nation marked the anniversary of 9/11, the event that triggered the war in Afghanistan.

Ray Suarez has our lead story report……..Rest of Transcript Here

Afghanistan stopped having anything to do with 9/11 as soon as the drums of war of choice started beating louder and louder to invade Iraq, a country and people who had nothing to do with any attack nor threat on the United States! We’re still in Iraq, stalemated, after destroying their country, killing their citizens, creating huge numbers of refugee’s from and causing the ongoing rising again sectarian violence!

Now we return to Afghanistan with growing troop numbers and deaths after leaving it occupied with sparse US/UN troop numbers, not enough to secure and start the promised rebuilding, and pulling out the promised rebuilding monies after the fall of the Taliban! We attack, with robot armed planes, drones, into Pakistan killing innocents creating a growing number of Taliban and al Qaeda insurgents, those who live in the whole region.

It’s now a War/Occupation with no reason except so called containment of a ghost organization of insurgent criminal terrorists called al Qaeda, ghosts because any group seeking retaliation and blowback from the policies set forth, even before 9/11 but especially since, will use that banner to organize and cause criminal terrorist acts under, no border guerrilla warfare. Creating the hatreds that will now last for decades to come!

Many here still think that we can be the only ones who should continue seeking vengeance on those that were a part of 9/11, even those that had nothing to do with those acts, yet the leaders of are still not caught, and condemn those who now have been witness to much more destruction and deaths from our long running vengeance! They feel those in these countries should bow to our power and have no right to feel the hate they do, the same hatreds some still feel towards them, most of whom are innocent citizens living in the countries of their births. Those that still seek this vengeance shouldn’t be surprised if any Blowback from the terror we waged on their countries develops from their daily 9/11’s!!

This was all left to a new administration in the U.S., as well as other Western Countries, along with collapsing economies, called for as a goal by the leaders of this ghost group al Qaeda after 9/11. Collapsing because of the costs of our occupying and the greed and arrogance embedded within these economies in many area’s of, and a whole host of negative problems for a once leading country on this planet, many of the people of wanting to lead by example, example of the positive not of a negative destructive force creating hatreds towards it!

It is up to the people to come together and try and create the positive among themselves in order to minimize the extreme negatives of the small groups bent of their own vengeance or power and wealth grabbing!  


  1. We have three not two but three buildings imploding on themselves at near the accelleration of gravity.

    We have a hole in the ground in Pennsylvania devoid of plane parts, bodies etc.

    We have a neat armor pierced hole in the Pentagon along with the amazing Pentalawn 2000 again showing no plane wings,engines etc.

    We have an international conference going on TODAY in NYC while lamestream news can only tell me to line up.  Apparently you only need one shot now to get euthanized.

    • icosa on September 12, 2009 at 20:18

    whatever happened to Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier kidnapped in June in Afghanistan.  I can’t find anything online since July.  A video posted and then silence.

  2. of Oak Knoll California might be a symptom!



    Plus a search of that mighty corporate search engine Google


    Just might lead one to believe everything in Oak Knoll is just peachy fine and dandy.

    email that video to your Illuminati owned congress asshole.

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