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WASHINGTON – After a half-day of animated debate, the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday rejected efforts by liberal Democrats to add a government-run health insurance plan to major health care legislation, dealing the first official setback to an idea that many Democrats, including President Obama, say they support.…

Baucus      (D-MT)

Ben Nelson  (D-FL)

Lincoln     (D-AR)

Conrad      (D-ND)

Lincoln     (D-AR)

Carper      (D-DE)


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    Let’s take the sum total of every dollar ever spent in the history of the now defunct United States and give it to Bernie Madoff types unconditionally.

    Then let’s deploy what’s left of the military to round up dissident Americans and give them all swine flu shots.

    After that let’s lengthen the school day cause our kids, are like, well like you know ain’t learning nuthin and they are like, the future.

    Just gimmie a tazer so’s I can hook it up to my brain.

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