Obama: “These aren’t evil people”

I don’t believe in the biblical definition of evil – devils and demons and all that. So I’m not sure what is required in Barack Obama’s mind to qualify.

But in my mind, there is no better definition of evil than systematically allowing thousands of sick men, women and children to suffer and die each year by suddenly denying them the health care treatment they HAD BEEN COUNTING ON, that they had been PAYING FOR.

Out of all the things Obama said in that speech last night, that is the one that offends me most. To defend these monsters, yet again, is disgusting.


    • publicv on September 11, 2009 at 6:53 am

    not the people.  While they exhibit evil behavior, their person is not evil.  With diligence, discipline and hard work behavior can be changed.  President Obama may be more hopeful that the entire apple is not rotten, than myself though.

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