North Carolina ACORN, or Anywhere USA

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This is coming out of McClatchy today and has been reported on the local News programs this morning, the latter leaving out some finer points.

North Carolina ACORN branch feels impact from national scandal

North Carolina’s ACORN office has had to lay off all eight of its employees in the wake of a scandal that has rocked the national office of the grass-roots organizing group….>>>

Now what really is ACORN or for that matter any legitimate organization registered and trying to follow their own internal rules and regulations as well as any government regulations to keep them honest and above board, the latter is same for the banking/investment industries etc. etc. etc..

What has been left out of the talking heads reporting is this:

What ACORN really is made of:

Yet many workers have continued the past three weeks as unpaid volunteers for the nonprofit organization, reaching out to low- and moderate-income workers who might need help with issues ranging from landlord fights to high-priced mortgages.

Now I’ll just bet that with what has been going on and everybody jumping ship from the ACORN support boat that if you look around the Country you’ll find similar reactions by the under paid already ACORN workers, maybe not all, but far many then anyone will tell you unless you investigate yourselves!

That’s what ACORN, or any real similar organization is made of, even some, not all, that the previous administration gave a seat to in the Oval office as well as funding from us.