Is Mount Vernon, Washington about to become the epicenter of hate?

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Mount Vernon, Washington is now apparently soon to become the PROUD home of native son Glenn Beck.  In fact, their mayor has recently scheduled an event during which he will be presenting Beck with the key to the city later this month.  Some of those who are outraged have suggested changing the locks. The following newspaper article provides additional detail:…

Just in case you might need a refresher regarding Babyface Beck:

Mount Vernon is a regional trade center, a county seat (Skagit County), and a logical stopping off point between the Greater Seattle area and many popular tourist destinations (i.e., the San Juan Islands, Whidbey Island, North Cascades National Park, and is approximately halfway between the Seattle metro area and the Canadian border).  The area also hosts the annual Tulip Festival every spring, which provides a reliable financial bonanza for the Mount Vernon-La Conner area.  

Given the “giant leap” that Mount Vernon is taking to place itself on the national map, one can surely surmise that dittoheads from the area, as well as those visiting Western Washington from elsewhere will be flocking to Mount Vernon, where they can feel right at home.  Since these businesses will already be flooded with these new customers, those who consider themselves to be progressives may prefer not to shop in the area for two important reasons:  1) to avoid the long lines and higher prices in Mount Vernon due to increased demand, and 2) to tangibly register their opposition to the mayor’s actions.  

This writer sent a letter of concern to every member of the City Council, and have so far received only one response from a thirty-something councilmember who is apparently attempting to steer down the middle of the road (where, as Jim Hightower states, one finds only yellow lines and dead armadillos), encouraging this writer to not punish the businesses of Mount Vernon because of the actions of their mayor.  In fact, the text of his letter reads as follows:

“I’m sorry you feel that way because our local businesses and their families had nothing to do with this decision.

I hope that nobody ever threatens your livelihood in the future because of what someone else has done.

As important as free speech is to this country, I also embrace the democratic process and look forward to the opportunity to elect a new Mayor.

Thank you for the note.”

Of course, he doesn’t bother to mention that he runs a family-owned business in Mount Vernon that was apparently launched by his parents in 1976, when he was five years of age, so he could potentially become one of the victims of such a boycott, unless the flat-earth crowd shows up en masse to support their city.  Curiously, the website for his business lists two job postings, one paying $8.15/hour and the other $8.50-$10.00/hour.  The minimum wage in Washington State was increased to $8.55/hour on January 1, 2009.  Also, the website indicates that the business has been family-owned since 1976, but makes no mention of the name of that family.  That information comes from his bio on the Mount Vernon website listing City Council members.  

The employers of Mount Vernon must surely be hoping to retain the patronage of guilt-ridden progressives, who, in keeping with our conciliatory, peace-at-any-price President, will continue to do business in the community, which will be further enhanced by dittoheads making a special point of doing business there as well.  Their Chamber of Commerce will be pleased and a new pathway to riches will be established.  Publicly honor one of the Reich Wing shock jocks, then claim no responsibility for the decision to do so.  Retain your progressive clientele and add the Faux Noose junkies for good measure.  Can similar civic accolades for Boortz, Limbaugh, O’Lielly, Coulter, et al be far behind?  

For anyone interested in a compelling business opportunity, this might be a great time to open one or more of the following businesses in Mount Vernon (aka Mount Vermin):  gun shop, strip joint, Christian bookstore, porn shop, casino, Hummer dealership, NASCAR track, country western bar, beer distributorship (national brands only — no prissy microbreweries), a velvet Elvis-themed art gallery. or hosting a KKK convention (to fill the void occasioned by the apparent demise of Hayden Lake, Idaho).  Perhaps Mount Vernon can devise a rationale to honor David Duke as well?

I don’t reside in Mount Vernon (for which I’m eternally grateful), so my only means of influence is to divert my humble expenditures to other communities that have not yet decided to publicly embrace hate and division.  I will not patronize any of their businesses until either their mayor reverses his decision or is turned out of office.  

Despite the pleadings of the above-reference councilmember, whenever a leader is elected, appointed and/or otherwise chosen, if that official acts irresponsibly or fraudulently, those who have placed their faith in that individual pay the consequences.  Just ask those who invested their fortunes with Bernie Madoff.  

If the business owners of Mount Vernon were sufficiently outraged by their mayor’s actions, they would most certainly fill his office to overflowing to loudly demand that he immediately reverse his decision.  In fact, their Chamber of Commerce’s visit to the mayor’s office would be reminiscent of the storming of the Bastille.  

The inaction and silence of the Mount Vernon business community to date is truly deafening. They may be hoping to have it both ways, as alluded to earlier in this article.  However, if there are enough people whose convictions are similar to my own, perhaps they will discover that their gamble was ill-advised.  

If you reside in the Pacific Northwest or plan to visit that beautiful corner of the country one day, please consider the content of this article when deciding where you might spend your hard-earned dollars.  If you are traveling northbound on I-5, Everett and Bellingham both provide viable alternatives to Mount Vernon.

Remember, the way we spend our dollars may be equally, if not more effective than our vote.


  1. I think fifty-six corporate sponsors of Glenn Beck, in response to the efforts the Color of Change, have rescinded their sponsorship of Beck’s television program.

    This represents yet another opportunity to augment their efforts.

    • Robyn on September 7, 2009 at 3:19 am

    And I applied for work at Skagit Valley College after I transitioned.  It’s the only real interview I got, but they didn’t hire me.

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