Iran’s Nuclear Power

You know what irks me?  When people make statements that simply aren’t supported by facts.

Plutonium Page at Daily Kos writes about Iran’s nuclear enrichment.  Everyone is going nuts over Iran’s nuclear plants.  

They are simply WRONG…

Iran is a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.  As such, they are entitled, like every other country, to pursue nuclear energy with the help of nations that already have nuclear energy, if they so chose.  There is no mandate that they must accept help, or, be bullied into it.

In addition, there is simply no evidence, despite having additional protocol’s above and beyond normal IAEA standards, that they are pursuing nuclear weapons.  They might be, but, there is no EVIDENCE of it.

Plutonium Page highlights:

Now, Iran’s decision to build yet another nuclear facility without notifying the IAEA represents a direct challenge to the basic compact at the center of the non-proliferation regime.  These rules are clear:  All nations have the right to peaceful nuclear energy; those nations with nuclear weapons must move towards disarmament; those nations without nuclear weapons must forsake them.  That compact has largely held for decades, keeping the world far safer and more secure.  And that compact depends on all nations living up to their responsibilities.

Wait.  Iran’s decision to build a new nuclear facility without telling people while it is under construction does… what?  Supposedly it “represents a direct challenge to the basic compact“.  Not VIOLATES it.  It CHALLENGES it.  OOOOOOOOO….

It goes on…

Each Non-nuclear-weapon State Party to the Treaty undertakes to accept safeguards..

In fact, Iran accepted standards above and beyond the normal “safeguards” in the form of the “additional protocol”.  Still, there is NO EVIDENCE of any wrongdoing.

But… but… they are building a new facility and kept it secret!!!!  Plutonium Page writes:

Basically, these safeguards are the core of the Treaty. If you are a party to the treaty, and you do not declare activity related to enriching nuclear material, you are in violation of the Treaty.


“Safeguards” are not equal to “declaring activity”, especially when it is a new facility under construction that has yet to receive any nuclear material.  Safeguards are just that, measures imposed to safeguard activity related to material, which in Iran’s case, aren’t even at a facility that isn’t even finished.

The stance of our government for years is that Iran is trying to get “the bomb”.  We have yet to provide evidence of it.  The IAEA has yet to find evidence of it.  Iran has already been under, and accepted, additional IAEA protocols.  

Yet, idiots like Plutonium Page write tripe like this?

The United States has many a secret site.  Some even (gasp) do secret things.  We don’t run to the United Nations to tell them, much less, have the United Nations crawling around our sites like Iran does.

Until anyone comes up with EVIDENCE… people need to simply STFU.  Iran has been pretty open about what they do considering, and, have every right AS a signatory to the NPT TO do it.

Get the evidence… then talk…

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