If It Isn’t Racist What Is It

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Earlier today White House spokesmen Robert Gibbs said that the recent protests against President Obama’s policies and the out  burst by Congressman Joe Wilson wasn’t racist.

Spokesman Robert Gibbs said Wednesday that Obama – the nation’s first black president – doesn’t think that criticism of his policies is “based on the color of his skin.

If it isn’t racism then what is it?  Those signs equating President Obama with among others Stalin and Hitler what is one to thing about the meaning behind it. Or those who had written he should go back to Kenya believing that to be the country of his birth.

Or the pictures that were so offensive one would have thought the Jim Crow era had returned.

Rush Limbaugh’s playing of Barack The Magic Negro isn’t rascist? Who is Robert Gibbs trying to fool here? Himself?

The Repbnlican party is racist party no matter their protestations. It was the Republican Party under the leadership of Richard Nixon which created the Southern Strategy.

Michael Dukakis wasn’t one who ran the Willie Horton ad it was George W. H. Bush and it isn’t the Democratic Party who has a permanent injunction against them for Voter Caging


In 1981 and 1986 the Republican National Committee (RNC) sent out letters to predominately African-American neighborhoods. When tens of thousands of them were returned undeliverable, the party successfully challenged the voters and had them deleted from voting rolls. Due to the violation of the Voting Rights Act, the RNC was taken to court. Its officials entered a consent decree which prohibited the party from engaging in anti-fraud initiatives that targeted minorities or conducting mail campaigns to “compile voter challenge lists.”

No matter how much Robbert Gibbs or the White House dismiss the issue race and racism is involved in fomenting the rage against America’s first African American President.


  1. because if they do the RACSIST will call it playing the RACE CARD.

    Sick, right.

    Just like the fascist who spy on citizens, torture and start wars of aggression call them fascists

    Just like the proponents of socialism for the rich and free market wage slavery for everyone else call it socialism.

    The GOP modus operandi is do evil shit, then blame it on the other guy, and the other guy just takes the beating and sighs.

    I’m getting pretty sick of this shit, I really am

    • Joy B. on September 17, 2009 at 21:25

    …factors at work in all this. Yes, the Dittoheads and Beckolytes are rabidly racist. And racism is the tool their puppetmasters use to incite them to riot. But Gibbs is correct as well, in that ‘Establishment’ resistance to Obama is probably more of a class issue than a race issue, apart from where class and race coincide (notably with AAs). I mean, they’d have taken a suitable yassa-man or woman from their own ranks just fine, and proven how non-racist they are. For them, it’s all about sponsorship, what clubs you belong to, etc. More than about what color you happen to be.

    Then there’s the GOP die-hards (the lot of ’em), who of course thumb their noses at all attempts at bipartisanship and always will do that whenever the admin striving for consensus isn’t GOP. They care less what color comes attached than the letter following the name.

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