Friday Night at 8: Arise

I don’t need anyone to tell me that injustice is immoral.


I don’t need to hear that intangibles like justice and morality are nice when you have the time for them but during this political season it isn’t pragmatic to use those intangibles to deal with present problems.

I don’t have to organize a community or canvass a neighborhood or contribute money to candidates or even be politically savvy to know this and to act upon it.

I am a citizen.  As one individual, I am as powerful as I allow myself to be.

Justice and morality – without being mindful of those intangibles we will simply continue to go on as we have been going, pessimistic, angry, watching others suffer and seeing no change in that suffering while those persons of privilege continue to enjoy their good fortune.

I am happy for those folks who enjoy their good fortune.  I do not believe their good fortune takes anything at all from me.  I’m funny that way.

But I don’t consider it good fortune to see other human beings, my brothers and sisters on this planet, suffer – and to turn away is equally as painful because in order to do that I have to block off my own heart.  That is not good fortune either.

It’s intangible, you see.

Every fight against injustice I’ve ever beheld or fought in was – successful or not – rooted in the knowledge that those intangibles – including love, including compassion, including justice – every one of those intangibles granted the power to make a difference in that fight and to help to lighten human suffering — if only by being in solidarity, by sharing that suffering as best we can.

Those intangibles make real power, not mere force – which only has the power to destroy and not to create.

Real power is creative.  Real power brings something new into the world that wasn’t there before, a new phenomenon, a new way of thinking, of relating to each other when the old forms have worn out and no longer help us to remain human and interconnected with each other, when those old forms become prisons instead of free and open spaces.

We have an opportunity now to show that real power – as buhdy has often said, Bush is no longer in power and whether we like or dislike the job President Obama is doing, we have opportunities to be heard and to make a difference now that we didn’t before.

I read people on the progressive blogs go on about how moral they are, and mouth all the right words and invoke Ghandi and Martin Luther King.  And then when presented with a new paradigm they turn into fierce defenders of the status quo and shout out that looking at things a different way is foolish, impractical, naive, and their fear makes a mockery of their fine words.

There’s a new battle that is arising now, it just is, whether or not legislation like that for healthcare comes to pass.  It’s the “third rail of politics,” (or as Duke likes to say of his own work, “licking the third rail of US politics since 2005,”) — the immigration issue.

I’ve been yelled at over at the orange for being a sychophant, gang member, etc., of buhdy’s.  Before that I was accused of being an ass-licker of Valtin.  I could give many examples.

I follow folks I see have something to offer.  One of those folks is Robyn – I have an entirely new view of so much because of her.  You bet I’ll follow what she writes.  I believe in her.

Same with buhdy, with Valtin, Magnifico, Turkana, ek hornbeck, Duke1676 – they have something to teach me that I need to learn.  I have no pride when it comes to that nor do I care to have any.

There’s more, too … most everyone here at Docudharma gives me power to do what I want to do, gives me the freedom to say what I want to say.

When the issue of immigration comes up there will be people to listen to and people to fight against, that’s the way it always is when it comes to those intangibles like justice and morality and love.

It’s time to listen to and support these heroes and it’s time to fight against the injustices and immorality of those villains.  It’s happening right now, and it’s time to arise.


It’s been a long week, autumn is arriving in the Big Apple, everyone is bustling, all that jazz.

I haven’t been posting here a lot but I have been reading a lot and I thank every single one of you for your contributions, even that weird trolly guy that made me laugh, lol.

This place gives me strength.  It just does.  Anyway, sorry to get all mushy, but while I’m at it — much love to you all, I hope Lady Libertine’s wrists and hands are healing well, and to Translator … WARM REGARDS AND BIG HUGS!!


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  1. … another day, another dollar.

    Well that’s what they used to say, in the olden days.

    • Miep on September 19, 2009 at 2:08 am

    that’s what it’s come to, I guess.

  2. Photobucket

  3. apparently…!

    I had my second follow up visit at the clinic today and yippie, my right hand/arm has been released and is now in the removeable VELCRO splint. thank the gods. It will still be a while before it’s healed & functional, but at least I CAN WASH IT NOW. Gah.  O.T. guy told me I (Righty anyway) was in the top 5% he’s ever seen, with this injury/surgery at 4 weeks post, in terms of excellent recovery w dexterity and range of motion.

    Lefty, on the other hand, is back in lock up, a new fresh cast, for another 3 weeks. It was a worse injury to begin with.

    Thanks for all the warm thoughts here.

    Outstanding essay, kitty. Just outstanding. Ill applaud whenever I have two hands again. lol.

    • Robyn on September 19, 2009 at 3:02 am

    …we sent some students off to Turkey over the summer, and they came back with a commitment to working towards turning this campus green!  And the community and as much else as they can do.

    Student involvement makes my heart swell.  🙂

    • Joy B. on September 19, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    The GOS has become quite the hefty disappointment now that it’s all about status quo defense and Miss Manners. This place is a breath of fresh air, and so are you!

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