“Damaging the POTUS” crows O’Reilly, “Conservative Media is Winning.” Winning what?

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    Remember once upon a time when only a traitor would seek to damage the President or the Presidency?

    Apparently once upon a time ends when Democrats are in charge of the Government.  

O’Reilly     “The conservative media is winning now. They’re winning. They’re damaging the president of the United States”

     The hypocrite meter is now broken. Full transcript and commentary below the fold.

O’REILLY: The right wing now — the right wing of which you are a part, right-wing radio is now going to relentlessly attack Obama, using vehicles like ACORN, Jones, whatever radical left thing they can find. They’re going to tie it right around Obama’s neck because it’s working.

MONICA CROWLEY: Well, and also, I mean, let’s face it, Obama is Van Jones. Obama is ACORN —

O’REILLY: Oh, no.

CROWLEY: Hang on —

O’REILLY: Oh, please.

CROWLEY: You guys are downplaying his ties to ACORN. These ties between Obama and ACORN are deep and longstanding. It’s not just representing them as a lawyer. He partnered with ACORN in ’92 for his Project Vote organization in Chicago. He also became an ACORN trainer. In response —

COLMES: Not true.

CROWLEY: — ACORN fanned out for his campaigns in ’96 and 2000 in the state of Illinois —

O’REILLY: No, they let them, absolutely.

CROWLEY: — and last year as well. Let’s also remember that during the presidential campaign last year, he told ACORN point blank, you will have, quote, “a seat at the table in my administration.”

O’REILLY: He likes them.

CROWLEY: So let’s not downplay the fact he was very proud of being a community organizer. That was ACORN.

O’REILLY: All of that — all of that is legitimate, but the bigger — look, people can make up their own minds at home whether Obama and ACORN have an association that’s worth — you’re smart enough to do that. But the big story, Colmes, is that the right-wing media, the conservative media in this country, has found a way —

COLMES: Well, let’s — but I think that —

O’REILLY: — to marginalize —

COLMES: — all right.

O’REILLY: — the president of the United States.

COLMES: They need to be called out on that if it’s unfair, if it’s not fair to do it.

O’REILLY: Well, what do you mean — look, fair doesn’t really cut it. It’s effective.

COLMES: It was not —

O’REILLY: It’s working.

COLMES: I think it’s important to point out the other side of the story that Dr. Crowley just mentioned. There — he was not community organizer for ACORN.

CROWLEY: Of course he was.

COLMES: He was a community organizer —

CROWLEY: Alan, he trained their community organizers.

COLMES: — he did not — no —

O’REILLY: Let Colmes get his.

COLMES: That is not — that is not accurate. And that is not accurate according to what has been said.

O’REILLY: I don’t know why you care about this.

COLMES: Because I want the truth out there.


COLMES: Let’s not unfairly smear somebody —

O’REILLY: The truth will set us all free.


O’REILLY: I’m going to go back to my question, which is a brilliant one, Colmes. And —

COLMES: By your own admission.

O’REILLY: — try to consider — try to consider it. The conservative media is winning now. They’re winning. They’re damaging the president of the United States by Jones, by ACORN —

COLMES: Yeah, right.

O’REILLY: — and there’s other stuff coming down the pike. So you’re advising President Obama, Colmes. You like him.


O’REILLY: You think he’s a good president and so forth. You tell him to do what? How do you blunt that?

    A hat tip to mediamatters.org for the video and transcript.

   President Obama is NOT Van Jones. They are two different people. President Obama is NOT ACORN. One is a human being, the other is an organization. You could say the same thing of the comparison between Bill O’Reilly and News Corporation, but that would force you to assume that Bill O’Reilly is a human being, and not a lizard person masquerading in a people suit.

    I remember a time in a galaxy just like this, long, long ago (about 9 months, give or take a day) when anyone who questioned the President’s policies was considered un-American, a traitor, a friend of terrorists and worse. I remember when anyone who disagreed with the President’s policies were boycotted (Dixie Chicks) ridiculed (Cindy Sheehan) or screamed at and then cut off the microphone by such bloviators like Bill O’Reilly.

    Then, suddenly, the tables turned, and a Democrat (gasp!) won the Presidency in a fair election.

    Fast forward to today, when we have a Democratic President who’s platform is bbased on reform that will help working class Americans first, and suddenly, now, it is okay to call him a fascist, a racist, a terrorist sympathizer and worse. It is okay to “Hope he Fails”, in fact, it’s something people gloat about.

    Yet I remember when that got you labelled a traitor and a friend of terrorists. I remember when such a remark would get a person tarred and feathered rhetorically in the media.

    The So-Called Liberal Media that is now the Official Right Wing Noise Machine.

    Fair and Balanced? How about FAIL and Biased?

    Someone remind me of the word you use to describe someone who wishes to damage and harm their own nation. I believe it is traitor.

    And that word is appropriate, because the GOP and their media arm at News Corporation is not having an honest debate on facts, they are creating strawmen, they lie to their constituents and viewers, they raise nonsense claims and then use that as proof that they are right. They are no debating on issues based on fact or offering their own ideas. All of their old ideas have failed miserably. If they were debating on ideas with the goal of coming to a solution I could not disagree with them so vehmenantly, I would have to respect their opinion and agree to disagree.

    This is not such a case.

    Instead the GOP, the Right Wing Conservative Media and the Special Interests that control them have one goal; to “Damage” this PresidentThey believe they are “Winning”

     And now I can openly call them what they are, traitors, traitors of the worst kind. Founding fathers? These guys are more like Benedict Arnolds.

     So what is the Conservative media winning when they damage the President? I don’t think Democrats hoped George W. Bush would screw up, rather, Bush screwed up constatntly to our own shock and dismay, and we criticized him for it. The frequency of our criticism was only due to the frequency of Bush’s screw ups. But I do not think any one hoped Bush screwed up. Disagree as we often did, no one hoped bush would fail. Even if we hated his policies we never hoped he’d screw up, because we knew it meant America was screwing up.

     But not Conservatives. They could care less if America goes down the drain. They want “Their Country Back”. The fact that other people live here too is an afterthought to them.

     Patriotism? That is sooooo 2008.    

     So, mark this date in your Right Wing Media Big Book Of Lies, September 16, 2009, the day a Fox News host gloated that the Conservative media is “Damaging the President of the United Sates of America”

     Benedict Arnold would be proud, and George Washington is spinning in his grave.

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  1. Coprorate Propoganda for Wealthy Traitors who put their fortunes first.


    Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

  2. Obama has taken all of Bush’s failures and made them his own.

    Afghanistan? Expanded.

    Iraq? Still going on.

    Economic policy by Goldman Sachs? Check.

    Bailouts to the wealthy? Check

    Foreclosures ongoing? Check

    Blame the poor for not having health insurance? Check.  

    Militarize the schools? Check.

    So, they can successfully blame him for their own failures, because they are the same. It’s a win/win–they get everything they want & when it fails they get to blame it on us.  

  3. Remember once upon a time when only a traitor would seek to damage the President or the Presidency?

    Sure.  LBJ was running the war in Vietnam, trying to send me to the jungle.  Was I a traitor to try to damage him?  to try to avoid going? to try to end the f*cking war? I was not. Certain rightwing zealots said I was a traitor, that all of us f*cking hippie draft dodger trash should be lynched and should have an involuntary buzz cut.  That was bs then, and it’s bs now. I was a f*cking patriot.  And the assholes on the right who said I was a traitor for trying to undermine LBJ and Nixon and their policies were just plain, simply wrong.

    Pardon me.  It was a bad argument when they (LBJ, Nixon) were in charge.  And it’s a bad argument when the “liberals” (Obama) are in charge.  The whole “traitor” argument is just rhetorical excrement.

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