An Option for 5%, Mandates For All, InsCo’s Rejoice

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Let’s be blunt. The current “plan” for Health Care Reform is Bullshit.

After cutting through all the Bullshit, what is the real effect of the current “plan?”

The effect is to force 95% of Americans to give the InsCo’s a portion of their paycheck.

Without a true Public Option this is a Health Care Bill that mandates, by law, that every American HAS to, is forced to, must, buy insurance……from the very industry that has caused the Health Care Crisis.

By Law.

With no alternative.

Without a true Option, this Health Care Plan is a REWARD for the Insurance Companies that are the villains in the Health Care Crisis.

Let me say that one more time.

Without the choice to opt out of buying Health Insurance from the Insurance Companies that are making huge profits off of America’s misery, the current plan is a REWARD for the very Corporations that have caused the crisis.

Health Care Insurance Corporation stock went UP after the Presidents speech….where he announced that only 5% of Americans would be eligible for the currently planned, and thus mis-identified, Public Option.

If the current plan is implemented, for the first time in our nation’s history, 95% of Americans will be forced to… pay money to a Corporation.

Forced to.

With no Option.

Forced to. Forced to pay money to Corporations whose incompetence, inefficiency and greed is demonstrable and painfully evident. Forced to pay money to the Corporations that have been Murdering by Spreadsheet our friends, neighbors and relatives.

With no Option not too.

Yes there will be regulations, (with the fine print written by the Insurance Company lobbyists) yes there will be an end to (with the fine print written by the Insurance Company lobbyists) denial for pre-exsitng conditions, yes there will be (with the fine print written by the Insurance Company lobbyists) an end to recission.

But no matter what guarantees we are given by the Corporations (how many of you have been given what is supposed to be an ironclad guarantee by a Corporation, and then found out it wasn’t an ironclad guarantee after all?) the fact remains that for the first time in history their will be a national law that YOU must give YOUR money to a for profit Corporation.

A Corporation whose very purpose is to give the least amopunt of service possible for the most amount of money possible….because that is why Corporations exist.

With NO other Option.

No Option but to become an Insurance outlaw.

Yes we are forced to give money to the government in the form of taxes, but the government is not trying to make a profit. Yes, IF I WANT TO drive in California I must pay the Insurance Companies.

But I have the Option not to drive. (And their should be a Publicly Run Option for that too.)

But now, for the first time ever, the very act of existing in the Untied States will mean that I am FORCED to line the pockets of a For Profit Corporation.

With no Option not to.

Maybe someone can help out here, what is it called when your government forces you to give money to a For Profit Corporation, with no Option not to?

Is the only solution to the Health Care Crisis that the Insurance companies created REALLY forcing us all to reward the Corporations that created the crisis in the first place?


Are we REALLY incapable of finding any other Option than being extorted into paying the very people who created this crisis in the first place?

The current Health Care Plan REWARDS the Insurance Companies for doing such a bad job that their incompetence has created a crisis. The current Health Care Plan forces nearly every American to REWARD these vultures for doing such a bad job that they are bankrupting the country.

No one should ever be forced to give money to a For Profit Corporation, and not have a way to opt out. But that is exactly what the current plan mandates.

And that is just …..wrong


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    If you want to take Action, please go to slinkerwink’s diary and follow the fun and easy Action items outlined there!

    • Underdog on September 11, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    They can take that “reform” and shove it.  Everyone needs law enforcement services, fire services, national defense services (ahem.), and we pay our fair share of taxes for it.  It should be the same with health care.  This is like having your pocket picked while talking with with the person who picked it.  

  2. bus

    This is the bus.  And folks, we are all together under it.  Dammit, I hate it when this happens.

    • pico on September 11, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    I agree with you in part – if we’re going with a system that mandates insurance, we absolutely have to have a public option – but there is a reason that insurance companies don’t even want the kind of reform you’re describing in your diary, and it’s not that they’re pretending to hate it when they really love it.

    It boils down to two terrifying words: preexisting conditions.  Because insurance companies won’t be able to deny people with preexisting conditions, they’re going to take a major blow in terms of how much money they’ll be shelling out per year.  Think of it this way: if it’s so great that Cancer Patient A will be forced to divvy up part of her paycheck for insurance, why aren’t insurance companies taking her up on the offer now?  Because they know that, over time, they’ll be paying out a lot more than they’ll be getting from her.  That’s why they have groups of actuaries (i.e. death panels, heh) who decide whether potential customers are ‘worth’ it.

    Without that ability to reject costly patients, the insurance market is going to be flooded with all these people who have conditions (so they’re a net negative) but can no longer be rejected.  The insurance companies do NOT want this.  It’s not a reward at all.

    At the moment they’re getting money from people who 1. can afford it, and 2. are already healthy.  Even without public option, mandated insurance will make them take people who can’t afford it (which will be subsidized by gov’t money) and people who don’t qualify under the current system.  It’s really a net loss for them.

    So why are they kinda/sorta backing this reform?  Simply enough: reform is going to happen, and this is the option that hurts them the least.  Mandated insurance without public option means that they will rake in less profits.  Public option and co-ops will make them less competitive, while single payer would destroy them.  I thought this does a good job explaining what’s at stake, and why.

  3. “Public”… everybody, right?

    “Option” = having choices

    What if USPS was available ONLY to people who the USA determined “too poor” to afford Fed Ex…? and if the USA made it mandatory that everyone ELSE be forced to use, and pay, FedEx or UPS?

    this thing is too frikkin crazy for me.

    • Edger on September 11, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    TPM this morning:

    * Democracy Corps (D) conducted a dial-tested focus group of debate-watchers in Denver, Colorado, made up of swing voters who were almost evenly divided 54%-46% between Obama and John McCain in the 2008 election. Among this group, support and opposition of the health care plan went from 46%-46% before the speech, to 66%-30% afterward. In addition, before the speech only 44% described the plan as “the right kind of change,” with 52% saying it was not. That number then shifted to 50%-40% after the speech.

    * A CNN snap poll from after the speech showed that speech-watchers increased in their support for Obama’s proposals, from 53% up to 67%. However, the caveat here is that the debate-watching audience was disproportionately Democratic compared to the general population: Democrats 45%, Republicans 18%, and the remainder independent.

    * A new CBS poll this morning of the general population, not just people who watched the speech — meaning that we can get a measurement of how this has affected the whole country — found that Obama’s approval on the issue of health care reform has gone up. CBS re-interviewed the same respondents from a late August poll, in which Obama’s approval on health care was only 40%, to 47% disapproval. That number has now jumped up to 52%-38%.


  4. in a case like no on 8 seem to be the whole problem. Like Barney said hard to argue with a dinning room table. Thanks for sticking your head in the lions mouth pico. I found humor worked with the redneck lawn chair crowd who parroted the hatemongers at me. Your pretty funny for a liberal was my favorite response in an encounter which began with He’s gonna take away my gun…  

    Selling personality is easier. Once again however that is the problem with our politics the voter with half a brain really has no choice other then the facade and showmanship exhibited by the candidates. Your right it’s pathetic. On election night I celebrated with a roomful of intelligent so called moderates, who wept with joy because Obama was articulate. Now I hear what’s up with Obama or the Democratic party is useless as usual.        

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