A Confeduhracy of Dunces. Symbol of slavery & Joe Wilson worth defending to Rep. King (Clown-IA)

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    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is proud of Confederate heritage, but confused about geography and American history.

    Meet the Republican plan for the 2010 elections

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has been circulating a letter to his House Republican colleagues, asking them to sign onto a petition in defense of Rep. Joe “You Lie!” Wilson (R-SC).


     Save Joe Wilson and his right to lie and call others liars, in the name of the Confeduhracy!

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    [Wilson] is an officer and a gentleman and everyone who knows him knows that. … Being a son of the South puts you in a different position when it comes to the Confederate flag. It means something entirely different to the people who have ancestors who fought in the Civil War on the south side of the Mason-Dixon line.

    I have ancestors who fought for the Union, Mr. King, and they kicked your ancestors ass. Huh? How do ya like that!

    Now, even if Rep. King’s ancestors fought for the Confederacy to defend secession and slavery over almost 150 years ago, I don’t think that is what the people of Iowa circa 2009 really want from their Congressmen today, but then again, judging by the teabaggers and their antics this weekend, maybe I am wrong.

     More of teh stupid below the fold

     But what was Iowa’s role in the civil war? Let’s use the way back machine to find out.

    It turns out, Iowa voted for Abraham Lincoln by a wide margin and the only area of the state that was considered frontier by 1860 was th extreme North West of the state, which oddly enogugh is where Rep King’s district lies today. Iowa became the 29th State of the Union in 1846 and contributed many troops to the Union army, as well as valuable food and other resources.

    This makes Rep. King look pretty stupid, but I digress, as Rep King does a great job of looking stupid without any of my help.

    In a diary yesterday about those who have the most to fear these racists and Confeduhracy lovers I made a comment that we should not fear the fools who hate us, but then I realized that I could not possibly understand what it must feel like to be African American and endure the scorn and hatred of those who feel superior to you based on skin pigment alone. I felt embarrassed at first by the foolishness of my comment.

     Then I realized how I have nothing in common with these white supremacists and history revisionists. They want the Confeduhracy to be remembered for what they consider as it’s glorious past. I remember it for defending slavery and dragging our nation into a senseless war that turned brother angainst brother and a nation against itself.

     Therefore, on behalf of all sensible and historically correct Americans today, on behalf of a tolerant world without racial divison or hate, and on behalf of the Union, I would like to say SCREW THE CONFEDUHRACY!

     Of course, Rep Joe “Wrong Way” Wilson (liaR-SC)LOVES the Confederacy. As a state legislator Wilson was one of only 7 Republicans to buck his own party and vote to keep the Confederate flag flying over the capital building in South Carolina. To this day Wilson is affiliated with the “Sons of Confederate Veterans”, despite the fact that the Confederate flag is the universal symbol of the institution of slavery and America’s segregated past, and despite the fact the Union kicked their frikkin asses and restored the Union of the United States of America.

    And this goes to the heart of the GOP’s current sad state of affairs. A portion of this nation in the south does NOT want to let go of their glory years, back when some people owned other people and women were 2nd class citizens. These people do NOT want America to move forward into the 21st Century. hell, they never really got used to the 20th Century.

    And until the GOP, the party of Lincoln, really becomes the party of Lincoln again that it used to be, you will see them continue to be a small, regional party of white, southern know nothings who thump bibles and don’t understand most of the words in it. They will NOT be winning any new voters like this any time soon. They aren’t even trying. The only real hope for the GOP is that the Democrats do not govern well, and the spineless Democrats seem to be doing everything they can to make that hope come true.

    In the next few days the Democrats in the House of Representatives will likely be issuing Representative Joe Wilson the dreaded sternly worded letter, indicating their disappointment in his conduct towards the President within their chambers, who just happens to be the first African American President in our nations history.

    So a son of the Confederacy yells YOU LIE at the first African American President,and the best the Dems can do is slap him on the wrist. Spineless? How about BRAINLESS.

    If you do not think that is enough, here is a better way to HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS!

    Donate to Rob Miller for Congress SC-2 here to tell Joe “YOU LIE!” Wilson that you say Screw The Confederacy!

    Donate to the Dem Candidate Fund for IO-5 to tell Rep Steve King that you say Screw The Confederacy!

    Now this is the sort of Glory I associate with South Carolina and the Confederacy, the kind where Americans fight along side one another despite race or creed, not because we do not love our Union or the freedoms we enjoy, but because many southerners are racist, stupid jackasses (intelligent, Democratic and non-racist Southerners excepted), and every now and then they need good kick in the ass.

    Long Live The Union of The United States of America!

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