WTF Is Going On???

Big Orange has been all over the Birfers and Teabaggers of late, which I’ve found fairly boring and pointless, but then, I just follow for the news and occasional good analysis. They can bitch endlessly about anything they see as threatening to their cause. Whatever that is at this point.

I have been fairly intrigued with what’s happened with Keith O’s getting quashed on his Bill-O-Baiting by GE (which owns NBC) so that Bill-O would quit exposing their corporate hijinks in retaliation for getting his itty feewings hurt by Keith. I also found it fascinating yesterday when Keith, just back from vacation, informed Kossacks that Richard Wolffe wouldn’t be his live-in ‘independent’ analyst and occasional show-sitter anymore, given that Wolffe has been exposed as a corporate PR hack. Today, however, MSNBC’s management has contradicted Keith by stating they don’t mind at all if Wolffe wants to be their live-in ‘independent’ political analyst even if he’s on the payroll of the corporations that are often making the news being analyzed. Hmmm…

Of course, that’s all just the Corporate Masters deciding what news and/or analysis we’re allowed to see on TV, and I don’t watch TV news. Meanwhile, the Corporate Masters have been very busy ever since January 21 trying like hell to foment armed insurrection against all things Obama and/or liberal/progressive, and that’s been quite successful as the economic conditions for non Wall Street players gets worse by the day. Back in the olden days when I was coming up, this was known as “Sedition” and there were once laws against it. Free Speech wasn’t much of a defense either, though the reason laws having to do with sedition, incitement to riot or just encouragement to murder/assassination aren’t prosecuted these days against the WingNuts probably has something to do with Amendment #1. [And yes, I know that for liberals, progressives, Quakers and brown people, nothing has changed and our rights are routinely ignored.]

But then again, I can also recall when high treason – something like, say, blowing the cover of an important CIA antiproliferation operation in Eastern Europe and the Middle East in order to out a NOC, would get you summarily shot (or The Chair if they cared to try you in court).

Now FP’er Jed Lewison reports that CNN has quashed the Media Matters anti-birther ad. MM bought ad time on CNN, MSNBC and Fox, it was supposed to run all week on all three networks to counter the insanity. I am now predicting that we will all learn come tomorrow that it’s been quashed at Fox and MSNBC as well, even as those crazy birfers keep right on taking up space in the programming.

I figure (because that’s what I do…) that one of two things is happening. Either 1. the Corporate Masters trying so desperately (I mean, if Orly’s your operative, how desperate are you?) to turn public anger into a shooting war between the ‘prols so it will bypass Wall Street and themselves, have closed ranks to protect the effort, or 2. the situation has become so dangerous (Obama’s getting 30 [ed] assassination threats a day) that DHS and the executive law enforcement gangs have come down hard with their jackboots and are shutting the whole charade down.

I’m hoping for Door #2, because I think the situation’s beyond humorous at this point. Taitz is certifiable, and Dobbs is smart enough to know better. People HAVE been killed since the Wingers stepped into the abyss of mental derangement, and it can only get worse. Besides, I’m suspecting that Glenn Beck’s having to plead with his nutty viewers NOT to kill anybody (after a fan was caught casing the National Guard while armed to the teeth) is a clue here. I’m hoping someone with actual authority – and by that I don’t mean GE or Murdoch or CNN’s Klein or even Disney – has decided the incitement to political assassination and armed insurrection by the MSM must come to a screeching halt.

Because I’m figuring, I’ll also predict we’ll know the answer no later than midday on Thursday, the 6th of August. It will be quite obvious by then whether or not the Birfers will still have an open venue to spew their insanity, and whether or not the racists can still use the mainstream news to organize their little revolution against Obama, health care, General Motors, Democrats in general and whoever else they”d like killed so they’re not aimed at the real bad guys on Wall Street.

All I do is watch the blogs, since we have no television. If you do have TV and watch these folks regularly enough to gage the stream, do let us know what’s up. Might be good, might be bad, but for sure it’s something. And here I’ll just end with another interesting note that may or may not be related to a very recent judgment (if such is the case) about the danger of continuing to give whack-jobs their head. Seems BushCo Chief Lieutenant and Blackwater/Xe CEO Erik Prince may have assassinated the wrong people this time…

I’m too jaded to be still buying “Hope” from the Obama WH, but if by some miracle the Rule of Law were to begin being taken seriously by some in that administration, it would qualify as Change I can Believe In!


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    • Joy B. on August 5, 2009 at 18:40

    If the MSM masters are now asserting themselves per blatant censorship so obviously, one must ask whether they’re doing it to prop their propaganda lies, or to correct their seditious course. So I’m asking.

  1. The MSM is collaborating with the Health Ins/Political Complex by hyping the birfers and also the teabaggers, both who receive funding from rich corporate sugar daddies.

    It’s all meant for distraction to keep the status quo in place.

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