Torture is Good …..for Morale

Mr. Cheney said the legal review set a “terrible precedent” that would shatter morale at the CIA and increase the likelihood of future terror attacks. He accused President Obama of using the threat of criminal charges to score political points with the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Ordering the CIA and Army interrogators and private contractors to wire people to car batteries, slam them against walls, put them in diapers and stick them in freezing rooms for days, pile them into shit smeared pyramids, beat them to death, waterboard them until their brains ares starved for oxygen, rape them with lighsticks and billy clubs, threaten them to have their mothers raped in front of them, threaten to have their children killed…..All that is GOOD for morale.

Yes Virginia, turning soldiers, contractors and CIA agents into torturers…having them live the rest of their PTSD lives with the knowledge that they committed heinous and illegal and immoral acts of torture is good …for morale.

Having the CIA being branded as torturers is GOOD…for morale. Ordering them to torture people and threaten Mom-rape and child-killing, is good for morale. Forcing them to obey illegal orders is good for morale. Tarnishing the reputation of the entire Agency as torturers is the bestest Morale Builder ever.

But having investigations to find out who ordered them to besmirch their reputations and turn them into haunted torturers for the rest of their life?

Finding out who ordered an entire network of Secret Torture Prisons to be built, who ordered an organized, (badly) researched, planned, funded, and years long Official Policy of Using Torture…..

Going right to the top and holding accountable the sick minds who made the decision to torture, and gave the orders to torture and INSISTED on using more and more torture? In order to show that the CIA WAS “just following orders?” In order to tell the world that it was NOT The CIA’s decision to torture. In order to pin the blame on the one person who ordered them to to torture again and again and again, all coming from, ultimately, one man?


Is BAD for morale.

Got it….Dick.  


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    Seeing the guy who ORDERED THEM TO TORTURE led off in cuffs.

    • BobbyK on August 31, 2009 at 20:26

     Cheney and President George W Bush ordered a rouge band of extremest to organize an attack on the United States civilian population right before the 2010 elections.

    Maybe we should torture the truth out of them?

  2. diane sawyer had Tom? Ridge on GMA and I yelled said pretty much same at him.

    I just couldnt watch yesterday… the cheney parade.

    they all seem to just totally gloss over… what we WANT is criminal prosecutions of the People At The Top who ordered it, not just the goons who carried it out.  War Crimes.  ughghghgh, ya know, not like petty theft or something, trivial, bs.

  3. Dick Cheney is the face of modern political stupidity & evil.

  4. Thank you for the morale booster.

  5. But it’s so unlikely now, I cling to the idea his karmic burden is huge.  Actually, now that I think about it, his future looks pretty chilling.  Do not pass purgatory (figuratively speaking), go straight to something hellish.

    • Edger on September 1, 2009 at 02:46

    look what it does to the people who order torture…

  6. He says he has run out of kittens for his fishing trip.  

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