Ted Kennedy as New Dealer?

article, by Louis Poyect, via The Unrepentent Marxist:

From an editorial in today’s Washington Post:

TED KENNEDY once said that his own legislative record was one he’d love to run against. A number of people tried, of course, and lost. But then, they weren’t Ted Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy spent 46 years in the Senate hewing pretty steadily to his course while others trimmed or just plain bailed out.

He remained committed to a brand of New Deal and postwar liberalism that, even when it had lost some of its luster and had run up against a conservative tide in politics, still had much to offer the country.

I’m fortunate, I guess, in that I grew up in a very conservative (in some cases, fascist) family.  I heard about Chappaquidik pretty much any time I mentioned Ted and that I thought he might be doing something interesting.  The reason I’m fortunate is that I ended up not thinking that Ted was much more than a really good politician who overcame a lot.

I write this as a warning that you might not like Proyect’s take on Kennedy should you read the article.  I find that it holds true.  Read it and see what you think.


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