Pelosi to Insurance Giants: your “Glory Days” are over!

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The Speaker of the House, took a break from serious legislation, to spell out their plan for Messaging ……

Nancy Pelosi:

You see CEOs of these Industries making millions of dollars a year — indeed many of them a million dollars a month — for their ‘Leadership’ in withholding benefits, to people in NEED of Health.

let the Drum beating, begin …

Nancy Pelosi:

Certainly you will be hearing a great deal from our members about the Health Insurance Industry, and what it has done to the Health of our Country. You have a situation where Consumers in our Country are at the mercy of the Health Care Industry. You see CEOs of these Industries making millions of dollars a year — indeed many of them a million dollars a month — for their ‘Leadership’ in withholding benefits, to people in NEED of Health.

But as far as WE are concerned, we think that is why we need to have this new legislation, and that it should have a robust Public Option in it, to keep the Health Insurance Industry honest, to encourage competition, to provide better Care, at a lower cost, for more people in our Country.


But, the glory days are coming to an end, for the Health Insurance Industry, in our Country. I have said that their Profits are Obscene! They have increase enormously over the past few years — at the expense of the American Consumers.

And that’s why what’s in it for the Consumers, in our bill, is that:

No longer will a Insurance Company be able to withhold insurance because you have a ‘pre-existing medical condition’;

No longer can they pull back on — ‘Rescind’ your insurance if you get more ill.

No longer will you lose your Health Insurance if you lose your job, change jobs, start a Business, be self-employed.

— You will still have Health Insurance!

And think of what that means for the vitality of our Economy. So we can encourage entrepreneurship, while people have the confidence that they will have Health Insurance, and can take more risks.

There will be a Cap on what you pay to the Insurance Companies each year — but NO CAP on the Benefits you receive.

Do you know anybody who has Cancer? Do you know any people with Disabilities, and Diabetes, and the rest?

They will NOT have a CAP on the Benefits they receive — and this makes ALL the difference in the world! In their Health and their economic security.

The Health Insurance Industry, is the biggest Opponent, the biggest Opponent of this legislation passing, AND with a Public Option in it. Because they know the glory days are over for them

The Leverage has switched to the Consumer.

Congress and the President will remove the Insurance Industry from coming between the Patient and his or her Doctor.

The Leverage has switched to the Consumer.

The Insurance Industry will be removed from standing between the Patient and their Doctor.

Bold Words for a bold agenda!

That’s great to hear, the Congressional Advocates of the Public Option, will soon be Advocating, in a big way!

We need to be Advocating too. We need to be explaining the benefits of the Public Option. We need to make clear that the People DESERVE the Right to Choose —

And that, The Insurance Companies, No Longer DESERVE the Right, to DENY US Care!

We need to Change the Debate … We need to exert OUR Leverage!

We need to start asking …

Since Medicare works so well,

and the VA Health Care works so well,

with a minimum of Administrative overhead,

and a maximum of Actual Health Care —

We need to start asking:


What DO THEY bring to the Table?

How DO THEY improve Americans’ Quality of Life?

If the answer involves the importance of the Private Insurer, as a major Employer of thousands of Claim Specialists,

Then the the next Question,

we should be asking is:

SO we are living (and sometimes dying) —

just to provide a Profit to the Insurance Industry?

And again

What DOES the PRIVATE Insurance Industry bring to the Table?


No one else in Society, can extort 10-30% increases in Premiums each year — for LESS and LESS Services!

This is Unsustainable,

and Unfair, to boot.

Any other “Industry” like this, would be driven “Out of Business” in short order — but since, THEY can “siphon” directly into our paychecks, well, WHY do they need actual RESULTS?

Why do they NEED to Improve the Health,

of the Average American?

Short answer is, THEY DON’T.

(Since they also “transfer wealth” directly into Congress too, through their well-paid, and behind-the-scenes Lobbyists.)

Helluva a We-The-People “System” we got here!

It’s like the Mafia demanding ‘Tribute’, in exchange for ‘Protection’ — for ‘Protection’ that is anything BUT!

We pay for the Insurer’s ‘Protection’, BUT they maintain the Right to refuse to pay our Doctor’s Bills, on whatever Technicality they can think of.

We pay for the Insurer’s ‘Protection’, BUT they make millions by canceling your Policy, if you happen to get one of those more Expensive Ailments.

We pay for the Insurer’s ‘Protection’, BUT they insist on raising our Premiums, our Co-Pays, our Deductibles, all for the sake of their “wise guy” Competition!

Enough!Enough of this Legalized Extortion!

Here’s a simple new Message, for those “has been” Insurance Giants, who’s ‘Best Days’, are behind them:

We want


For Life!


Enough of the Racketeering, making Millions on the ‘Life & Death Decisions’ of People’s Lives!

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days…

Beware Private Insurers because you know, one of these days …

Those Glory Daysthey will pass you by!

Your immoral, Rigged System of non-care WILL END — One way or another!

and the Sooner the Better!

The Speaker has Spoken!

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    • jamess on August 2, 2009 at 01:10

    I’m working for peanuts, here.


    • sharon on August 2, 2009 at 04:10

    i like your message and i like the way you presented it.

  1. Mail this link to your friends and relatives.  It is the broadcast of Bill Moyers’ program with former Cigna Vice President, turned single payer advocate, Wendell Potter.  Moyers has had Potter on his program twice in the last couple of months, most recently…

    …..  right here.

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