NYT Still Aids Military/Industrial Complex South American Destabilization, New Material Shows

In this American Stupid News edition, “All The News Our Military/Industrial Complex Masters Tell Us To Print Department”, the New York Times continues in the proud tradition set by Judith Miller to foster still more unnecessary American meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations, according to computer material captured from the NY Times in recent hours and under review by bloggers with more than two brain cells to rub together in their heads.

Because, you know, in a world where the value of the US Dollar is falling like a rock and our economy teetering on the brink, we simply NEED more wars and more crime in our own streets to, as Ebenezer Scrooge would surely have said, “decrease the surplus population”.

Those uppity South Americans are starting to have the nerve to want to run their own countries! Don’t they understand that The Supreme Deity, Caucasian Blue-Eyed Only-Jewish-If-There-Are-Jews-In-The-Boardroom Jesus(tm) intended them to forever serve as fruit, vegetable and cocaine farmers for the United States military/industrial complex?

It is no longer enough to strategically deploy thugs and goons from the CIA and WHINSEC/School of the Americas to perform select assassinations and “enforcement” to derail these uppity notions. No, now we suddenly need THREE AMERICAN BASES IN COLUMBIA to help right wing dictator Uribe serve as not just any fascist puppet, but OUR fascist puppet. Where have we seen this formula before? Noriega? Bin Laden? Saddam Hussein?

We are expected to believe that FARC are the ones running drugs to fund their operations, that they are “rebels” and “terrorists” – we are expected to believe this after what we KNOW the CIA’s been doing in other third world nations around the globe and ESPECIALLY in Central and South America for DECADES?

Chip Tatum, the CIA operative who is being interviewed in this 1998 video was “disappeared” one month after this was filmed. There were reports of his badly tortured body washing up on a Panama beach in 2007. This is not the only information available that details cocaine-related air traffic coming through Mena Airport, Arkansas while Bill Clinton was governor, but it is the most damning.

Should the United States build military bases in Columbia, those of you with connections on the street, just watch how the nose candy starts to flood into this country past the entirely complicit noses of our intelligence agencies and the Department of Hopeless Insecurity. Watch how the price drops so that our children can afford it, much as is happening with heroin now. Heck, the first hits might even be free. Watch how local police are crushed between a citizenry forced to a life of crime by their addictions, and the corrupt “law enforcement” and military authorities placed above them who are ALREADY funding their own black and rogue operations by BRINGING ILLEGAL HARD DRUGS INTO THIS COUNTRY BY THE SHIT-TON.

When the Taliban were running Afghanistan, whatever else might have been wrong with that, one thing that WASN’T happening was kids in the greater NYC area, to include Long Island, able to get hits of heroin for five bucks a pop. Now WE’RE supposedly running the show over there, and there’s more horse riding up and down our streets than you’d see during the fucking Triple Crown. Think about it.

The best thing – really, the ONLY good thing about this bullshit-stinking propaganda piece is the comments section. You can only cry “wolf” so many times before the people you are making suffer by doing so start to get a clue. Go below the fold for the best of the best, the Comments Section’s Greatest Hits, and see for yourselves that the rest of America is finally starting to wake up.

Ocin Learsi

New York, NY

August 2nd, 2009

3:31 pm

Once again Times Times correspondent Simon Romero shows his biased treatment of South American politics. It seems he has to work in his anti-Chavez opinion into every piece he writes.

The article claims “The New York Times obtained a copy of the computer material from an intelligence agency that is analyzing it.” What is this “intelligence agency” and what is Romero’s relation to it?

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August 2nd, 2009

3:52 pm

It’s utterly astonishing what shows up on those Magic Laptops when they’re being analyzed by US government subsidiaries.

Come August I’m thinking we’ll find that Chavez is actually the genetically engineered offspring of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che Guevara, Bigfoot, Jimmy Hoffa, AND JFK.

Because the Laptops Said So.

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Fred Hosea

Oakland, CA

August 2nd, 2009

4:28 pm

I’m sure that the quality of this evidence is as rock solid as the official “intelligence” was that was used to invade Iraq, to justify the Gulf of Tonqin resolution, to substantiate Colin Powell’s histrionic and utterly mendacious UN speech on WMD, etc. It would be a useful journalistic experiment for the NYT to engage in some critical investigative journalism instead of merely disseminating propaganda masquerading portentously as “intelligence.” It’s obvious that US “intelligence” agencies can plant any discrediting information they want to on foreign computers to justify future hostile activities; but under current economic austerities, it’s probably easier and cheaper to simply lie and fabricate the “evidence” electronically in some US gov’t lie factory, knowing they can rely on uncritical media to proclaim the lie widely as Menacing Truth. Thanks to the NYT for keeping the “mushroom cloud” school of journalism-by-fear-and-lies alive and well, preparing us for future militarization of our relationships with Latin America.

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Jim Cory


August 2nd, 2009

5:29 pm

The real story is the transformation of Columbia into the US proxy state of the region via US “aid.” Investigate that instead of blowing up planted CIA evidence into a big scoop to contribute to the destabilization of Chavez or take another swipe at the FARC. Your reporter is either gullible or dishonest. Do you think anyone buys this stuff anymore? After Iraq? Come on.

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August 2nd, 2009

5:06 pm

Is Simon Romero a friend of Judith Miller?

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