Marriage Equality In Maine! We Need The Netroots!

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Yes, health care reform is a big issue, and yes every one of us needs to put some time in on it, but it is not the only issue. Since this is an off year for elections it is easy to get completely focused on policy but there is a fight we should all be aware of and should all put some effort into. What is this fight? It is the fight to take marriage equality away from the citizens of Maine. That’s right readers, the same forces of religious intolerance who managed to get Prop 8 passed in California and they are setting their sights on Maine.

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For those who have not been following this closely, the great State of Maine is the first to grant marriage equality by legislation. This was due in great part to the work of Maine Freedom to Marry campaign. They have been on the ground in Maine since 2005 doing the very hard grassroots organizing which this kind of change through legislation requires.  They were the group that mobilized Mainers to testify before their legislature and bring the issue to where it belongs, full equality for all citizens of Maine.

Unfortunately in Maine there is a “citizens veto” which allows a referendum on legislation. The Anti-Rights forces have gotten the signatures which were needed to put this on the ballot this year, that’s right 2009 when everyone is looking elsewhere.

The same crew of out of state funders and campaign managers who did the evil work of Prop 8 are pouring into Maine now. Why is it important that the Netroots focus some of our attention on this issue? The Dog is sooooooo glad you asked gentle reader! We have a real opportunity to stop this hijacking of marriage rights at the ballot box in Maine. The polling looks very close right now, and if we can push Mainers to exercise there basic decency and live and let live attitude, we can deal the Anti-Rights forces a real blow!

Make no mistake they feel like they can end our momentum in Maine as well. They will be pouring money into the State like no-ones business. They have the money but we are fighting on the side of Justice, so it will be close. We need everyone to help in any way they can.

It is more than just having a desire for to move an allied groups agenda forward. Pretty much everyone in the Netroots has a dog in this hunt. What’s that? You don’t believe the Dog? Let the old hound give you some examples:

If rule of law is your issue, then this is your fight. No rights can be called inviolate as long as the prejudices of a majority or even a plurality are allowed to vote rights away. We can wait for the Courts to act, but it is far better that we show the folks who don’t believe in liberty and justice for all that we do.

Health Care Reform is your issue? Then this is your fight too! It raises the costs of health care when gay citizens can not get on to the insurance of their partners because they can’t be married. It makes it hard for partners to make decisions for each other at the end of life.

If those two are not enough, then here is one last strong reason to get involved. Winning here will continue to hand the Republicans and Conservatives their asses. It will make them more and more crazed and less effective. If you are an activist, then it is time to get active in Maine.

So, what needs to be done? Right now it is money. Yeah, yeah, the Dog knows, we are all broke, the economy sucks. However here is the thing, no one is asking you to give $5,000 dollars. If you have it, sure we need it, but what would really make a difference is $10 today. Everyone has ten they can spare. It is two lattes, or a bucket of chicken or 1 ½ six packs of beer. The Dog is asking you to do this just once, donate that tenner to say NO! Hell No! on Prop One in Maine. If you can donate more in the future, great, but if everyone who feels as long as one person is without the same rights we are all damaged donates ten bucks today, we can make a huge impact on the campaign.

There is one other thing the Dog is going to ask the Netroots to do today. Start talking about this issue. Health Care Reform is a huge deal, but we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Start mentioning this issue to your bloggy friends and writing about it in comments, if we mobilize, if the money comes in at the start not the end, then we can defeat the forces of intolerance. Maine can be the place where we show the nation that generational change is here, and we are not going to keep judging people on the least important thing about them, who they are attracted to sexually. This is a fight we can win, but we need your help!

This is the start of the Dog’s campaign on this issue. Those of you who read his posts know he does not quit nor back down, so don’t be a speed bump the Dog has to go over, come on and get in on the winning side, all it takes is $10 today and some talk going forward. Here is the link to Vote No on 1 donate and get involved. Don’t be shy, you know you want to do it!

Will you stand for Justice and Equality? The Dog has full faith you will.

The floor is yours.  

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  1. lets show our Yelling Louder on this issue. $10 bucks will really make a difference, if you do it today!  

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