Luntz crafts new attack on PO on Fox with Hannity. Thanks to new TV machine, we get to watch. FAIL!

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Frank Luntz, Republican Strategist:      It’s one of the most important points in this entire debate. If you call it a public option the American people are split. If you call it a Government Option than the public is overwhelmingly against it.  

Sean Hannity, RW Mouthpiece, Fox News Host:     You know, that’s a great point. From now on I am going to call it a Government option.

more Fail and Balanced strategery below the fold

    The doublethink really gets thick when you attack Government programs by scaremongering people that Obama’s plan will harm a Government program; Medicare.

LUNTZ: That’s half of it. And the other half is that he’s actually attacking Medicare. And that is something that’s really important for your audience, whether you’re 65 or older, you’ve got parents who are 65 or older. Barack Obama — from this language — I’ve got the text — it’s almost like he’s declaring war on Medicare because it’s the only way for him to be able to pay for health care. It’s an interesting gambit, Sean, and I don’t think it’s going to work.

   Hey, Sean, Frank! You know that thing with the sounds coming out of it with the pictures? I can see it, too. We all can see it, moran.

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   When the Luntzish poll shows me how Democrats support the plan and Republicans don’t amidst your on-air strategy session with a Republican strategist, it really is hard to swallow that whole “Fair and Balanced” thingy, isn’t it.

    What “Fair and Balanced” really means is taking the truth, and then trying to balance it against the GOP manufactured lies that benefit the Super Rich and Multinational Corporatitions.

     In fact, as noted: “The claim that Obama and Congress are cutting seniors’ Medicare benefits to pay for the health care overhaul is outright false.”

Here are a few other Government options the GOP would love the public to oppose.

Social Security


Veterans Benefits

Food stamps




Public Schools

Public clinics

Public roads

Public Water systems

Public Parks


Pretty much anything that takes money away from tax cuts for the rich.

    All this might actually work, if it weren’t for the fact that it was recorded on the Television machine, which, if I am not mistaken, can be viewed by anyone, not just Fox Viewers, dittoheads, and the misinformed.

   Fair and Balanced. Fox News. Where we literally craft Republican strategies on air with Fox news hosts.


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  1. the one that lets your FOX/GOP strategery session be seen by the whole world for what it is, FAIL and Balanced.

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