Hey Senators! ROAR Louder For TeddyCare!

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As the much deserved accolades and praise continue for a fallen giant, one cannot help nut wonder…where have all the other Liberal Lions gone?

Who will step up to roar against injustice, inequality, and the oppression of the weak by the strong now?

Who will be the next Liberal Lion, the next Progressive Champion?

Who will stand up to those who have tried to make the word Liberal itself a pejorative and unashamedly Roar?

Eight years of George Bush and the Jingoism of Endless War and Shameful Torture, all accompanied by smirking taunts of “Traitor” and “Unpatriotic” and “UnAmerican” seem to have shouted down our Champions, seem to have cowed them.

The Bush Years seem to have downright SCARED our Democratic Senators into a kind of tentativeness, a subdued silence…a fear of Roaring out what they believe, on the Senate Floor and in the Media.

Only President Obama seems to be championing the critical issue of Health Care, where are our Senators? Are they too afraid to stand up? Too cowed to speak out strongly against the Special Interests, lobbyists ….and their own colleagues as Teddy did?

Are they AFRAID to be Liberals? Are they ASHAMED to be Progressives? Are they trembling too hard in the face of the Republicans and there Corporate Clients to stand up and fight, as Teddy did? Are they too cowardly to stand up and ROAR for what they believe in?

Where have all the Lions gone?

Now that Teddy has passed.

Who IS the Lion protecting the Working Men and Women in the Senate now? Who will Roar for the downtrodden and rail against the power of the Ruling Class now? Who will protect our rights in the lofty chambers of The Senate Elite?

Who IS the Champion of Health Care now that Teddy is gone?

What Senator or Senators will take his place and fill his role?

Who will step up to fill his shoes? Who will take on his mantle of Protector of the weak in the face of the strong? Who will fight for US?

Who will be the NEXT unashamed Liberal Lion in the Senate?

Step up Senators! Support your President, support The People, support what is RIGHT!

Do not praise and honor the Liberal Lion with hollow words. Praise and honor and remember his shining legacy by taking up the torch and running with it, FINISH THE JOB Teddy started.

Roar Louder for TeddyCare!


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  2. The newly elected Al Franken, who occupies the senate seat once held by Paul Wellstone, another great fighter for the people, hopefully Al will aspire to reach the heights of the GREAT Edward M Kennedy.  

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