Health Care: The Wild Left Waterloo

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(Hat tip to grunman for the HuffPo link that lead to this rant)

President Obama is shocked, shocked I tell you that the Leftier Lefts want a Public Option. He’s wrong about that, the Leftiest Left wants Single-Payer, the rest are just struggling for crumbs.

“I don’t understand why the left of the left has decided that this is their Waterloo,” said a senior White House adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We’ve gotten to this point where health care on the left is determined by the breadth of the public option. I don’t understand how that has become the measure of whether what we achieve is health-care reform.”

“It’s a mystifying thing,” he added. “We’re forgetting why we are in this.

No mon frer, you never understood why you are in this in the first place. I can most assuredly help in clarifying this to our esteemed colleagues and spokespeople for the Office of the President.

We want Single Payer, you clueless, Elitist, cowardly douchebags!

Ok, that was unproductive. I will try again.

Do you fully understand how/why you got this, the Highest Office in the Land in the first place?

Again, I assure you that it was not “BI-PARTISANSHIP” that drew record turnouts, although after Bush’s one-party regime, that may have drawn embarrassed Conservatives who were shamed by the neo-cons co-opting of their party, who wanted to be sure that their reasonable voices would again be heard.

You were elected by young first-voters, people of color, the glbt community and a middle class. You were elected because every single one of us who punched your ticket KNEW beyond a reasonable doubt that on the current track we were upon, that we had NO FUTURE WHATSOEVER. You were elected because you spoke of hope and change and made us think you had the balls to derail our bleak future, and Health Care was one of your keys statements.

Every single one of us is, or knows someone dying or in pain from a lack thereof.

And you sold us out to the ones who created that situation.

Let me ask you, if Jesus came down right now, and testified before both Houses, “Who would I NOT heal, who would I demand a pound of flesh or 30 pieces of silver from, before I healed them?”, would you throw him under the bus with your “friend” Reverend Wright?

Do you not understand, advisers of the White House, that we are poor, and cannot afford to be FORCED to pay even more? Another mandatory bill on our already aching backs is not “reform.”

Do you not understand we KNOW how much the Medical Industrial Complex feeds your coffers? We are fully cognizant that their dollars have bought your souls and decision to betray us?

How can you be mystified that we feel wee, too, are entitled to quality of life, including the right not to be denied care by decree of the wealthy share-holders of the “other” MIC???

Our “Waterloo?” REALLY?

When we are the only civilized nation NOT to have National, Single Payer Health Care?

Do we not KNOW who pays for all those scare ads, and misinformation?

Here’s a thought for you:

What do you think would happen if you suddenly, and entirely eliminated Medicare, then required Seniors or the Disabled to buy a “competitive” Insurance Policy?

Most of them are on fixed income, unlike those of us living paycheck to paycheck, or having lost our jobs entirely. Do they deserve more than the young, the middle aged or the infants?

You are shocked that the added fear of Medical Care is IMPORTANT to us? When our very economy’s are crashing at our futureless feet?

You, you, sirs have indeed forgotten why you are there in the first place. We put you there, and we can vote your Vichy asses out.

The very fact you can be mystified, while having the best Insurance in the World on OUR TAX DOLLARS says it all.

You never knew what it was about in the first place.

We are fighting for our very LIVES.

With that I bid thee adieu.


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    • Diane G on August 20, 2009 at 15:13

    Less is not more.

    More is More.

    YELL LOUDER!!!!!

    • Edger on August 20, 2009 at 17:10

    preferred to remain anonymous.

    I would too if I said something that unbelievably stupid.

    What else would be the measure other than the breadth of it – i.e. how many people get coverage and how wide the scope.

    Single Payer would do it. Adding prescription coverage for everyone would make it even better than Canada’s system.

    “if we’re not producing the best quality at the lowest price we should go and find out who’s doing that and replicate their experience”

    — Richard Wolff

    Replicate it. Or better it.


    And my anciently banned kos account.

    Some of the major talking points of yesteryears are interesting.  Things we thought were crisis of the day yet never went anyplace.  The Iraq war, spying on Americans, the Downing Street memos just to name a few.

    Bilderberg said they would focus on two major things this year.  Global control of money and global control of health issues.  Both of these are happening.

    • banger on August 20, 2009 at 21:44

    Let’s finally give up on establishment Dems and move on.  

  2. I defer to General Patton for my attitude on this:

    “I don’t want to get any messages saying, ‘I am holding my position.’ We are not holding a goddamned thing. Let the [enemy] do that. We are advancing constantly and we are not interested in holding onto anything, except the enemy’s balls. We are going to twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all of the time. Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose, like shit through a tin horn.”

    -General George S. Patton

    Enough of this horseshit…the Vichy Dems can shove their shitty ‘reform’ up their asses.

    Also, you don’t negotiate with fascists and Sen Grassley and his lynch mobs most assuredly are fascists.

    This is the time to FINALLY stop accomodating the corporate pricks and start fighting back.

    For fuck’s sake we may be the one percenters in this big phony dog and pony show but goddammit it’s time to just say fuck the bewildered herd and get out front on this.

    And by the way, this is the LEAST of that amateur Obama’s problems on the left…..what about the fucking WARS??

    Join me on the wall willya


  3. Just put me in charge dammit. I’m ready to make a deal.

    We (the majority party) will agree to postpone a special prosecutor for torture, wiretapping, treason, and other high crimes if you will simply get the fuck out of the way and let us pass single payer health care reform.

    Public Option will cost you a Special Prosecutor looking into torture.

    Further attempts to water down health care reform will cost you an expansion of the investigation into treason, war crimes, illegal wiretaps, and where the fuck was George while he was supposed be reporting in for duty during Viet Nam.

    OK – we got a fucking deal or do we investigate the whole Shebang just in time for election eve 2010?

  4. we’re gonna be the english, and i hope to hell we can get Obama to be the Duke of Wellington, and the pro-sickness forces will the the french.  Grassley would be a fine Napolean Bonerfart.

  5. … high income industrial economies with multi-payer universal health care systems. Japan, for instance. On the other hand, the Medicare for All proposal is not full fledged single payer … its a single payer baseline with multi-payer top-ups, much like the French system.

    The particular institutions are not a goal, for me … the goal for me is universal coverage meeting one of our common human Basic Needs.

  6. Joeseph Moshe Bar

    Yes there is a story about a “terrorist” Joe Moshe but Joe worked as a bioscientist, with information.

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