Have you Hugged your Insurance Company Lately?

If you’re lucky enough to still have Insurance —

1 in 7 Americans Don’t have that Luxury, by the way —

Well you might not feel so Lucky, after learning how much more of the Insurance Premium tab, you have been picking up, over the last several years.

Health Insurance is a “Benefit” of Employmentyeah Right!

A Benefit to the Employer, to keep you locked in your lousy Job.

A Benefit to the Insurer, who has a guaranteed source of Income, every time you get a paycheck!

That “Lucky Insurance Policy” has been to costing you more and more, each year, while promising you less and less, in terms of coverage … this squeeze has been happening for years! If you would like to invest in some builders insurance then you may want to check out Tradesman Saver but if not then you can just stick with health insurance.

Something is seriously wrong with this Nation’s Broken Health Insurance system

Employees To Pay Increased Health Insurance Premiums, Deductibles In 2009

MedicalNewsToday, Jan 27, 2009

An increased number of employees in 2009 will pay more for health insurance — and receive less coverage


In 1999, employers covered about 90% of the cost of health insurance for employees, compared with 73% today, and the percentage likely will decrease to 70% over the next few years, according to Shub Debgupta, senior director of the Benefits Roundtable


In an effort to reduce costs, an increased number of employers have begun to offer high-deductible health plans linked with health savings accounts


Say Good-bye to that measly 3-4% “Cost of Living” Raise you were hoping to get — it’s already BEEN Spent! ¬†And will continue to be, if the Insurance Industry gets their way, with the current Health Reform efforts in Congress.

If the Insurance Industry gets their way, they will have a direct line into your Raises for years to come, that’s if you’re lucky to have a Job that even gives Raises! Well, before you get mad, think about the poor Insurers — they have shareholders to feed, and CEOs to pamper, and Patients to Cancel, and Doctors to rip off — AND all that takes time, and LOTS and LOTS Dollars too!

Good thing they have a steady supply of those — the good old I-V tapped right into Payroll Deductions. No Fuss, No Muss, NO Competition, and No Accountability!

SO, Have you Hugged your Insurance Company Lately?

Or even just sent them a Thank You note?

They’re working hard — to keep you fiscally frugal. So we owe them, I guess?

Granted being gainfully Employed, with Insurance, is better than the Alternatives, but maybe this Status Quo arrangement is just NOT Good Enough, anymore?


Don’t you know anyone who IS unemployed —

What should THEY do about Health Care?

Don’t you know anyone who has had unending hassle with their Insurance company, refusing to pay the Doctor Bills?

What should THEY do about their diminishing standard of Health Care?

If Private Insurance Policies are really “so great”, as they claim, THEN they should have nothing to worry about from a little Competition, from a Lousy “Govt Plan”, Right?

Afterall, WHO will want to CHOOSE the Public Option, if given the choice between Government Bureaucrats, and those warm and fuzzy Insurers, who care SO MUCH about our Co-Pays, and our Paychecks?

If somehow, the People actually DO get that Real Choice, against all Odds, perhaps then, the Luck of the hapless workers, will have FINALLY Changed for the better. Perhaps we will FINALLY be able to KEEP those “Cost of Living” Raises, that we’ve earned?

And if not — well there’s always work. (For those of us still “Lucky” enough in that arena, that is.)


    • jamess on August 6, 2009 at 04:41

    for the working man (and woman)


    and those NOT SO Lucky, too.

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