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The sad thing about all the troubles we are going through fighting against the greedy and ignorant, is that it gives us a feeling of poverty in the midst of endless abundance.

I read the blogs trumpeting the big fights to give everyone the benefit of healing when they are sick.

We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to knowledge of how to heal — and I’m not speaking here of simply taking a pill and curing a particular illness, but of truly being healed.

It’s an experience that heals both the person who is sick and the person who heals them.

We have all the great achievements of humanity at our fingertips and so many folks around the world who have the answers to the big questions of how to alleviate needless suffering.

Right now we could all be rolling in clover.

But the small mind and smaller hearts of those who fear hijack us into a cramped and joyless place where one has to struggle and fight with all one’s might just to apply some common sense in our public discourse.  Or, as we say, yell louder.

And why do we do that?

We could just drop out and think only of ourselves, try to make the best place we can for ourselves and those we love and say to hell with the rest of the world.

Because we’ve seen that bigger universe, that bigger existence and to engage in dialogue with those who have not is often a fruitless task.

Well as they say in nature, you gotta spread a lot of seeds just so that one or two plants will take to the soil, grow, and flourish.

We don’t write about justice in some dry and dehumanized sense, we cry out for it, as we well should.  And we’re pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.

It’s not just our visions and experiences that inform our fight for justice.  If that were true we’d be no different than folks who are religious and have seen visions of heaven and desire only to spread the “good news.”

It’s something else, something that humankind came up with, peculiar to us, the notion of right and wrong, ethics, all that stuff that when we were kids just annoyed us.

The notion that we could actually rule ourselves.  Without becoming despots or loons or barbarians who torture.

Civilization — the weaving together of many cultures, many visions, the human height of complete participation in our humanity, participation with each other.  We are skilled at acknowledging each other’s unique contributions without coopting, misappropriating, stealing, smashing, hating, fearing the form of these contributions, and with that courage and strength, are able to create something beautiful.

So that, to me, is real power.  I-Ching says something about that, in the hexagram of “Power of the Great,” something like, “that which is great must be right,” that the two cannot be separated.  If it’s just force, that’s not power.  It has to have some truth to it.  Now barbarians can have truth in their barbarity, but I’d rather have something a bit more congenial and a lot more expansive.  Well, that’s just  me.

Old hippie talk … turning someone on to something new in their experience.  In that culture this was considered sacred, and the other person who agreed to be turned on to something new respected this exchange enough to have some human faith in it, that one could really share the gifts we received in our lives, the intangible gifts, and both people would gain from that experience.

Like healing.  There are so many treasures of ways to heal.  And all our government can do is play power politics.  Ok.  Fine.  But to me it’s not real power.  It’s force.  Ought to be called “barbarian politics.”  Here in the 21st Century, we ought to be able to do better.


So that’s what I’ve been thinking about this week, while it rained spectacularly in New York City with big thunders and sudden sunshine coming through the rain and such.

Happy Friday to you all and hope you have a good weekend.


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  1. … Little Junior’s Blue Flames, courtesy YouTuber LynchburgSourMash …

    • Alma on August 1, 2009 at 02:08

    Brought a feeling of peace and oneness to me.  Thanks friend.  🙂

  2. Photobucket

    • Robyn on August 1, 2009 at 02:16

    It really warps people. :-{

  3. hey, hi. Ive been busy and having a helluva a time keeping up.

    Just started this book I got, White Roots of Peace …. so Im off on my Six Nations tangent again, heh. But a good bit of it relates here.

    Cant find it online so Ill have to {groan} type it in myself for you… bear with me.

    “The Word that I bring” he (Deganawidah)said, ” is that all peoples shall love one another and live together in peace. This message has three parts: Righteousness and Health and Power, and each part has two branches.

    Righteousness means justice practiced between men and between nations; it means also a desire to see justice prevail.

    Health means soundness of mind and body; it also means peace, for that is what comes when minds are sane and bodies cared for.

    Power means authority, the authority of law and custom, backed by such force as is necessary to make justice prevail; it means also religion, for justice enforced is the will of the Holder of Heavens and has his sanction.”

    • jamess on August 1, 2009 at 03:27

    “We are on the verge of the new age, a whole new world. Human consciousness, our mutual awareness, is going to make a quantum leap. Everything will change… All this is going to happen just as soon as you are ready.”

    That quote came from the book Das Energi, written by Paul Williams in 1973. The book was one of those underground hits that came into its own around 1978.


    Back in the 70’s Paul Williams felt the need to find himself. He went inside his thoughts and overhauled them, so he could catch the wave of the new age. He believed by changing what he thought, he could make a difference in his world. He was not concerned with anyone else and how they thought, that was their choice and he respected it. He made the quantum leap at his pace, it just happened to be in his time of the now age.


    Hal Manogue:

    There is no time in truth, it always stays constant, but it grows in Love. Love blossoms within us, if we believe in ourselves. The new age is about reaching and reconnecting to who you are. There are no judges, time limitations or special instructions. We have all we need, to be, what we dream about, a thing of beauty creating a world of Love.

    Hal Manogue is a poet and author of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends. Insightful thoughts for the 21st century.

    Das Energi put me on a different path …

    at a time, when I was looking for a road map,

    through the chaos and callousness.

    I still hold out hope … for that “quantum leap” … someday soon.

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