F*** You and your F**king Wars

I address this to all of those to which this applies.  Those in the government who advocate, initiate, enact, or tacitly ignore, those citizens who support or tacitly ignore, and those in the media who spread the propaganda, Fuck you.  

I really don’t give a shit anymore.  I’m a retired federal government employee, Vietnam Era Vet, with good health insurance and a lifetime pension, at least until Uncle Sam goes broke, which won’t surprise me.  So I’m not worried about myself and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me anymore.  Therefore I’ll call out those I want when I want.  

I’ve seen enough war to know that innocent civilians get killed.  I was going to say “too many innocent civilians” get killed, but what is too many?   Five days ago, on a last trip before college, four teenagers were killed in a car accident on a highway to the coast.  The small town of Ridgefield, Washington is emersed in grief and confusion over the loss of these four kids.  Laments such as “They had so much to live for”, and “They were beautiful kids who loved life”, are all over the local blog boards.  Condolences and sympathies have been non-stop since the event.  And rightly so, it is a very sad thing to see a life cut short.

I see all human life as equal.  Maybe some kind of subliminal messaging I took to heart after learning about our Constitution.  So I really don’t differentiate from the four kids from Ridgefield, Washington getting killed in a car crash from the four kids who were killed in the drone attack in Afghanistan.  A life cut short is a life cut short, and it hurts all the same. Who’s to say who’s life is more promising?

Casualties of War?  That’s assuming war is necessary.  I don’t believe war is necessary, but just to focus on the current wars, no, these wars aren’t necessary.  The Iraq war is actually a criminal war, an aggressive war based on lies and deception.  I can say that because most agree by now.  But the Afghanistan war is no less criminal.  That’s harder for me to say because so many still believe the lies about that war.  Mainly because they saw the planes fly into the buildings.  The war on terrorism was a propaganda ploy by Dick Cheney and friends to commence the next steps in U.S. imperialism.  Do you agree with a war started by Dick Cheney?

There are people in the know stating we’ll be in Afghanistan until 2020.  That’s almost twenty years.  The pullout from Iraq appears to be bullshit.  The U.S. does not want to give up it’s bases in Iraq.  We appear to be in a perpetual war state.  The only question is what else is on the horizon?

So fuck all of you who support these wars.  I don’t care what you think any more.  My mind is made up, no changing it.  These wars are evil, are killing innocent people, are enriching the rich, and are waged solely for the rich and powerful.  


    • Underdog on August 15, 2009 at 07:14

    thirty some minutes and over fifty comments.  I posted partly to shake up the diary list, which was pretty tame.  And partly for something to do since I didn’t want to watch TV, it’s Friday night and what the hell.

    I know most everyone on here agrees with my sentiment, but the thing I’m more interested in is the response from Dkos and why the hell did I delete?  


  1. that take the statement “I don’t give a shit what you think” very personally. ;-7

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