End SOCIALIST Fire Departments! Epic FAIL and WIN! A dummy FaceBook group, dummies just love it

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    A big Hat Tip to  one of my favorite bloggers on teh tubes and fellow Dharma Bum, Inky99, who diaried this yesterday night, but it was too good for me to resist, so I gave it a try myself.

     I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

     1 Million Strong Against Our SOCIALIST Fire Departments: The FaceBook Group

     The facebook group is administrated by Troy Conrad, who anyone who knows how to use teh google can quickly learn is a comedian, and apparently quite talented as well.

By Danny Fucking DeVito!!

Just wanted to thank you for the invite, hardly got the time for social Networking but will try my best to call in at tines and say hi

     If the twisted mind of Danny DeVito is in on the joke, it’s gotta be good.

     Troy Conrad’s comedyjesusshow can be seen here, and is touted as Comedy’s Answer to the Religious Right

     The dittoheads, of course, swallow this hook, line and sinker.

More hilarity below the fold.

     As I have said recently, these are the dumbest people in the country.

    Of course, you would only learn this is a joke if you are NOT a total dittohead without a shred of intellectual curiosity.

    And at first glane, this looks like the dumbest thing you have ever seen, but once you are in on the joke, you will quickly learn that it really is the dumbest, funniest thing you have ever seen.

1 Million Strong Against our SOCIALIST Fire Departments

Type: Organizations – Community Organizations

Description: For too long now, fire departments across the United States have been socialist organizations, resulting in taxes on the American people.

FACT: Most Americans never use the socialized services of the fire department. The Obama administration has been very clear about keeping the status quo when it comes to taxpayer-funded fire departments.

It is time to open the fire department up to private industry. We have the best fire departments in the world in the US, but that doesn’t mean that anyone (even non-US citizens) should be able to dial up and have fires put out, etc. There are private companies (Halliburtion, Etc.) who could step in tomorrow and take over every fire department in America and charge the consumer directly.


“Better DEAD than fire truck RED.”

-member D.J. Hostettler

Please tell everyone you know about this group!

Contact Info


Website: https://twitter.com/angrytownhall

Location: Los Angeles, CA

    If you thought this was as stupid as it gets, wait until you see this.

Currently there are NO FD’s that operate a pay-to-play scenario. We are going to change that with our town hall meetings nationwide in Late September.

Stop these “Government Redtrucks” from infringing on the rights of PRIVATE companies who can do it cheaper, and only for those who can afford it.

NEWS – Thanks to your comments, the Fire Department in Des Moines, IA has agreed to turn its operations over to The Coca Cola Company. For the month of September, fire care is free for all families who agree to consume new untested Coke products. Residents have until August 31 to sign up. Keep up the good work! Now THAT’S private industry WORKING!

Announcement coming this Monday, August 24th about our live town hall meeting in Los Angeles regarding elimination of ALL socialized Government Redtrucks in the United States…

    And on cue, the wingnuts totally believe it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    Of course, there is no incentive to START fires if there is a PROFIT MOTIVE to put them out!

Gods bless aMErica!

    But we should value and remember 9/12, the day after those rotten socialist commie firefighters pulled us out of the burning buildings the scary Terrorists/Bildeburgers destroyed.


    Now, if you didn’t know this group was set up by a comedian you might not really get the joke, but, luckily for you, reading the comments will prove just how stupid/greedy/hateful your average wingnut truly is.

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From the comments

From Duluth, MN

joining this group makes me feel like i’m doing my part to take our country back! usa! usa!

    Go Bachmann/Plain 2012!!!

From Texas

Theres people out there, and theyre scared. They’re scared for America. What happened to are country? NO SOCIALEST!!! Privatize Are Firetrucks NOW!!!!

     Definitly a secessionist with a Masters Degree in English.

From Bangor, ME

   Its time to take the power back.WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    Voted for 2 so called Moderate ladies because there wasn’t a libertarian choice for Senate, I’ll bet.

    This one has been pointed out to me as possibly being snark, but . . .

As a New Hampshirite (meaning, a lover of liberty by default) I am disgusted by the infringement on our personal freedom by the socialization of the fire department. The government wants to rule your life. Doesn’t anyone realize that private companies put out fires and save people from natural disasters much better than the government? I smell another government tax scheme here. No one really needs a socialized fire department. If Hurricane Bill floods the Merrimack River and causes downtown Nashua to look like New Orleans after Katrina, and if no one was able to get any help because they couldn’t pay Halliburton to rescue them, I say GOOD. I’d rather have poor people dead from disasters than give one more penny to the Fed for one more case of government control.

End the socialist takeover of the fire department!!! FIRE SAFETY IS NOT YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. Neither is any so-called “public” service. Vote Ron Paul 2012!!!!

    Either way,

    Fuck you, buddy!

    If this is legit, 100 bucks says this is the guy who brought his gun to the NH town hall, or that guy was one of his closest inbred kin.

     Thankfully, plenty of comments are by evil socialist aMErica hating liburals, who either laugh in the face of teh stoopid, or totally get the joke.

Oh wow, I did not realize this was irony for way too long. The thing is I bet I could find people who would actually agree with this.


Why don’t people realize that fire departments were created by the anti-patriot Benjamin Franklin in 1736!

(Washington, DC) Yeah! When lightning struck my townhouse, I was horrified to see that SOCIALIST fire truck show up!

(Washington, DC)

Better watch it ya’ll… there are people out there who might not get the irony and who might take this seriously.

Ya think? They voted for Bush! TWICE! and then they voted for McCain/Plain!

Dumbest. Party. Ever.

Just go Whig. Please. We can’t take it anymore.

Teh stoopid, It Votes!

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  1. It is so rare when we can celebrate Epic Fail and Win in the same place,

    Let’s give it up for Comedian Troy Conrad!

    Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

    and for the wingnuts who fell for this . . .


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