Christian “Blackwater” values…

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Selling children into prostitution

The latest horror show from the Blackwater saga illustrates how absolutely dangerous white supremacy is when empowered with federal dollars and the power to kill.

Instead of being run out of all civilized society, Erik Prince’s huge donations to the GOP earned him massive federal contracts and the backing of the US government as his employees raped children under the banner of an American flag.

White power politics is not a matter of free speech when used by the state as a tool of war. It is a war crime. Erik Prince is a war criminal…………..Rest Here

KO Visits the eric prince, blackwater,Xe, War Crimes Charges of it’s ‘christian values’ merc company, again with more!!


  1. I read and have seen KO’s video regarding the religious premises of Blackwater, now “Xe Services, LLC.”  Not hard to figure out why Blackwater was selected for private contractors in a non-bid situation. Why, Erik Prince’s religious doctrines fit right in with Bush’s agenda.  Their “no holds barred” position with respect to the Muslims, I’m sure, suited Bush to a tee!  Each day, we learn more about all the horrendous, heinous crimes that were committed — worse, using a religious premise, as a basis.  Bush:  “I get my messages from God.”  

    American people need to learn to run the other way when ANY politician or would be politician for president or whatever governmental position starts preaching, literally.  Those who peach about God, Jesus, religion in any form, while in office or seeking office, should be shunned by Americans period.  All of those like individuals assume a self-righteousness and attempt to impose their views on others to do as they wish.  It’s an old trick anyway — using the facade of religion to justify some of the most heinous acts that humanity has ever known — throughout the ages.

  2. White supremacist Neonazis working via global secret societies, subverted intelligence organizations and corporate alliances are currently propagating their version of white supremacist imperialism across the globe. This is done in secret, behind closed doors and the best privacy money can buy, and it is done by men who actually simultaneously have racist views AND hair on their heads. Both the Bush administration and Blackwater are only the most highly visible tip of the iceberg.

    It really pisses them off that many people are starting to wake up to it, and that pleases me immensely.

    I only hope those people finish waking up in time, because they have already aggregated an immense amount of power, money, and weaponry. They have tried – in many cases successfully – to simultaneously cover their tracks and subvert their future enemies by forming alliances with Jews, Arabs, Native Americans, Africans and Asians. Make no mistake about it though – these alliances are based entirely in a profit motive and a desire to see these peoples exterminate each other at the convenience of their own agenda.

    Wake up, the rest of you. WAKE UP and SEE how you are being USED against others who do not fit into the “master race” paradigm! Don’t EVER forget where you came from – yes, President Obama, this means YOU!

  3. Town Halls.

    If you’re surprised, you haven’t woken up yet.

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