A Time to Throw Down

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Remember all of those vicious pricks who stormed the Miami-Dade recount office in the crucial days following the stolen 2000 election? Their goon squad intimidation tactics worked perfectly as the stunned and cowed canvassers and ballot counters were terrified into stopping the counting. The so-called Brooks Brothers riot which was organized by that good ole Texas neo-Nazi Tom DeLay was set up and carried out by a pack of angry white thuggish Republican activists, this is a standard tactic. Whenever the dirty work needs to be done there is never a shortage of knuckle-dragging goons who will eagerly carry out whatever sort of malice that they are commanded to do from their central planners. I bring this up as the news is out that now that the bought and paid for stooges of the vampire Medical Industrial Complex have been sent out to infiltrate and disrupt town hall meetings across the country with their extremist tactics. Tactics which I might add come right out of Hitler 101 and the growing ranks of violent racist freaks are nothing short of an American version of the Sturmabteilung who are more famously known as the Brownshirts.

The Brownshirts were culled from the dregs of German society and turned into the merciless street enforcers of the rising Nazi party. They specialized in intimidation such as savage beatings, vandalism, propagandizing and infiltrating and disrupting political rallies. It is another of those amazing little commonalities between the all-time criminal regime and the modern day Republican party, certainly no coincidence when you know the history of how so many Nazi sympathizers and outright American fascists gravitated to the party and assimilated into it after WW II with the phony war on the painted up red devil of Communism (aka organized labor) as the rationale. The former Nazi diehards would be welcomed with open arms, after all influential Republicans had no qualms about collaborating with Hitler, consider Prescott Bush’s Union Banking Corporation. But I am not going to get into all of that here. My point is that the Sturmabteilung are the prototype for what we have here with all of the sleeper cells that are going off. The ugly disruptions of town halls are just the next phase of the phony Astroturf tea parties that took place a few months back. The participants are brainless, violent hooligans who are being used yet are too fucking dumb to understand that most basic fact. I strongly suspect that their corporate masters are terrified of them and that when the time comes they will be put down like rabid dogs just like the SA was on the Night of the Long Knives.

Now my main point…it’s long past time to start dealing with these freaks in the only way that they understand, take the gloves off. Instead of tolerating the recitation of talking points that deny taxpaying American citizens their right to free speech by disrupting town halls on health care why not just start grabbing the brainless bastards, dragging them outside and giving them a good thumping? What I am saying is that it’s long past time to stop being passive bystanders with the agents of the fascist fifth column. You can’t coddle criminally degenerate filth and it has been done for too long now, there needs to be a serious response and serious consequences when this garbage gets out of line. How many beatings, murders and acts of violence incited by untouchable fascist propagandists who are paid to incite hate like Glenn Beck, Rush the Pigman, Michelle Maladong and the rest of the vomit belchers must occur before people start to just take action and put down those who are pushed over the edge by the rancid fomenters of civil unrest? Don’t argue with them, take them out and give them a taste of their own medicine, it really is the only way to deal with them. What I am NOT suggesting is any sort of violent or armed insurrection against the state itself, that will never work for obvious reasons, first and foremost they have bigger guns and the full vengeance of the law to back their tyranny.

I know that some people will be appalled by this post, that is after all the standard liberal reaction to fighting fire with fire, an eye for an eye type of street justice. I can dig that, it’s not the sort of action that should be necessary in any sane and decent society but we don’t live in one and every day that these rats are allowed to multiply and be encouraged by a combination of their demagogues and liberal squishiness is a day closer to the long desired precious jewel of the totalitarian fascist state, it has been the apple of they eye for too many for way too long now. The people that we are dealing with are discussed in David Neiwert’s (of the blog Orcinus) newest book The Eliminationists (which I will reviewing once I finish it), it’s terrifying especially if you are a librul.

Wake up because they want us all dead!

I have a confession to make. Back during the 2004 Presidential election when word had gotten out about Karl Rove and his vermin with their caging lists and intimidation at polling places I decided that if any of the goons were to show up and try to suppress the vote in my particular area that they were going to get a surprise. I went to my local big box discount store and bought a nice wood baseball bat which I was going to keep in my car that day in the event that the need to do a little ‘batting practice’ occurred. I paid cash too so there would be no record of the purchase to show premeditation. I was going to use that bat and in at least my own mind (and that of tyranny loathing Americans like the founders) I would have been fully justified. In a free country there should be no such thing as dispatching thugs to polling places, shit like that takes place elsewhere, or at least it is supposed to. Fortunately there was no need to use the bat that day, a few menacing looking swine were hanging out in front by the time that I got there around six pm but it was slow and they generally looked bored. I gave them a fuck you staredown and walked in to vote for that feckless quitter John Kerry. Again I wish that I would have voted for Nader or even Donald Duck as a write in candidate but that is another story altogether.

That the cowardly Democrats are largely at fault for the presence of operatives, crazed freaks like the Birthers and the armed to the teeth bitter bigots who permeate the south like a mutant strain of alien kudzu is quite obvious. Back in my grandfather’s day the Democrats were all WW II veterans who recognized fascism, had well paying union jobs and a political party that decades later would sell out organized labor to the soft, yellow bellied yuppies who built the DLC and like the prison inmate who gives it up to ‘go along to get along’ rolled over to the fascists. In the old days (really not that long ago when you really think about it) those berserkers who are bussed in by groups created by tax chiselers to disrupt the town hall meetings and continue to deprive millions of Americans of health care would have gotten exactly what I prescribed – a good ole fashioned thumping. When they are laying in the gutter bleating like stuck pigs and crying after being given a taste of what they so richly deserve perhaps a few of their deluded minds may come to realize that they too can benefit from some of that socialist health care.

Democrats and liberals in general need to grow a backbone, return to the old days of the REAL left not this tissue paper thin crap that passes for the left now. We need a serious leftist resurgence in this country, one with spirit, spine and a seething contempt for fascists for that is the only way that any sort of real change is going to occur. Rather than debate and compromise (you DON’T negotiate with fascists…you destroy them as the old Italian saying goes) a far more aggressive approach needs to be taken with this sort of scum.

I really like this quote from right-wing hero General George S. Patton because it cuts right to the chase:

“I don’t want to get any messages saying, ‘I am holding my position.’ We are not holding a goddamned thing. Let the [enemy] do that. We are advancing constantly and we are not interested in holding onto anything, except the enemy’s balls. We are going to twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all of the time. Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose, like shit through a tin horn.”

Liberals better start to get it now because when the collapse comes…and it is coming then there will be no choice when the bastards come for you with their lynch mobs.

I also recommend the following Dave Emory program on American Gladio for a bit of historical perspective on the fascist right’s longtime seeding of sleeper organizations througout America in order to prevent a restoration of democracy from EVER occurring.

Just my two cents



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  1. … as a graduate of the Three Stooges School of Self Defense, I do believe “thumping” is part of my repertoire!

    To the battlements!  Avaunt!  Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

  2. to attend my townhalls, videocam in hand, and just LET one of those neo-0cons try & shout me down.

    • Adam on August 6, 2009 at 20:52

    I think you are taking the wrong lesson away from all this.

    What the Republicans are showing Democrats/Progressives is that well organized direct action works, even if it’s badly conceived, and ridiculously transparent in the way it’s been “astroturfing” so-called supporters.

    Going to all the effort of getting many people together at dispursed locations takes a lot of effort. Doing nothing but ranting and screaming when you get there wastes most of that effort.

    Do not walk away from this seeing all the screaming and ranting the right are doing and think that you should copy that screaming/ranting. Wrong lesson.

    Learn that well organized direct action is very effective. Then do what the right wingers are seemingly unable to do. Think about directing the energy more strategically.

    I’m fabricating an example….

    Let’s say you find out Roche Pharma. is giving big cash to Freedom Works to astroturf support. You look up Roche and find out Roche still makes big money on brand name valium sales, even though it’s been a generic forever.

    Start up a “boycott brand name valium, tell your doctor about generic Diazepam” campaign and start off the boycott at a Roche stockholders meeting.

    Don’t learn that screaming and ranting at important meeting is a good idea. Learn that progressives need to be doing a lot more direct action.

    • Joy B. on August 6, 2009 at 21:26

    …it in fact merely perpetuates it by turning one ‘side’ against the other while the bandits laugh all the way to the bank. I believe in self defense, but not in outright thuggery.

    Despite well-tailored appearances, these brownshirts are a miniscule minority. Sure, they’re terminally stupid, but they’re also desperately afraid. If physically attacked, I will most certainly fight back with all I’ve got (and I’ve still got some). But I am not ever going to physically molest anyone for nonviolently exercising their rights no matter how much I disagree with their position, no matter how offensive I find their words and beliefs, no matter how brainless I judge them to be. In the marketplace of Dueling Ideas (which are non-physical entities), the best ones win and the bad ones sulk under the brain-rocks they crawled out from under.

    As a Professional Fool, I have long found the weapons of mockery, shaming and exaggerated mimicry to work wonders that violence never could accomplish. Clowns were humanity’s first police, you know.

    Clowns Kick KKK Ass

    That said, if they start a war, I’ll be here to finish it. I’ve a bumper crop of rock-hard cinnamon pears dropping dangerously while I speak, perfect size for the StaticGuard-powered flame-throwing spudzukas. These have been known to blow holes through boxcars and splinter hardwoods up to 4″ in diameter. Also have a pumpkin mortar, and a huge quantity of pumpkins at the ready. Not to mention my nifty pith helmet with attached orange yak-hair, so I’ll look very impressive in my bunker… ยง;o)

  3. and you’re right sometimes you need to take a bully down, it’s the only language s/he understands. It’s how we dealt with them when we were kids.

    In the case of those townhall bullies I think it would be more effective to surround them with big guys and escort them out. Also police presence usually keeps them in check, cause they’re cowards.

    Their nazi-like behavior does scare me and it too started with small, isolated groups provoking brawls in ‘bierhalls’, viciously beating people up, eventually growing into a movement no one could stop, cause most Germans didn’t take them serious at first.

    I don’t know what the answer is. It’s funny though,they talk about freedom of speech, but they don’t let anyone with opposing views speak.

    If they don’t like ‘our America’ why don’t they go back to where they came from? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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