Why it couldn’t be what some think…

Ok, this isn’t news.  Dick Cheney, allegedly, tried to get together a CIA “hit-squad” to “take out” top Al-Qaeda leaders.  I’ll make this introduction short — bullshit.

Now, let me tell you why…

First, as Inky99 noted, this quote:

Dick Cheney, the former vice president, ordered a highly classified CIA operation hidden from Congress because it pushed the limits of legality by planning to assassinate al-Qaida operatives in friendly countries without the knowledge of their governments, according to former intelligence officials.

As reported by The Guardian UK, well, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Where we going to find top Al-Qaeda official?  In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  So, who do we already have out there, with orders to shoot-to-kill?  Special Forces, SEALS, Rangers, Recon, and Delta.  The CIA would have added NOTHING in this scenario, and, would have made the situations worse.

Other theories go to domestic spying by the CIA.  That, too, doesn’t pass the smell test.  Frankly, too many agencies are involved, each having their own responsibility, and the CIA trying to muscle in secretly would have set off a turf-war in our government law enforcement.

Seymour Hersh is standing by his assassination report, which, to me, means the man has SOMETHING, if not ALL of the facts, yet.  So, we’ll go with this…

Take, on its face, that it was an assassination squad.  First, political assassination is illegal worldwide.  Yes, it happens, and some fluff starts, and then gets squashed by the governments.  The cover-up stories draw all the media.

So, think like Dick Cheney.

If you had the power to start up an assassination ring, who would be your FIRST targets?  I’ll guarantee you that the targets were all in America.  The list?  I can see Cheney going after his nemesis – reporters – first.  Whistleblowers were next.

As for why it didn’t get off the ground?  Simple.  Too many deaths, all unexplained, until some smart investigator gets a hair in their butt, figures out the connections, and rams right into the stonewalling government.  Cat is out of the bag.

Spying on Amreican’s?  Why?  We have the NSA, FBI, satellites, and near unlimited resources within our own borders to do just that.  Nothing “new” necessary.

From what I know…. my get goes that with the pure amount of illegaily happening at every turn, Cheney decided he needed a “wet-work” team to keep the leaks in cheak.  I,e, kill the reporters and the whistlblower.  Oh, and hide this from congress!  Shred everything.  Wipe harddrives.  Burn tapes.

SOME in Congress got told what it was… and Republican or Democratic alike, were stunned and appalled.  

When “stunned and appalled” come out of the mouths of Congress, it is domestic program so egragrious, that it shocks everyones conscience.  Like — murder.

The SPIN will be “it was to be used overseas, against terrorists, and who could argue with that”.  The reality is, it was domenstic (as some former CIA have suggested, but, with that “cap in the back of the head” ending, not simply surveillence.

And with that, look at the MENTALITY this took:

Sure, we are going to kill Americans.  In fact, murder them.  But they are communists for not supporting us and keeping their mouths shut.  Just shred everything.  Burn it, eat it.  I don’t care… but if it leads back to ME… don’t go to sleep.

Frankly, America already survived a coup of sorts.  Buch and Cheney are gone.  But, their protegies are still out there, waiting for a future opportunity.

I predict 25-50 years.

Within 25-50 years, we will see our government turning into this type of operation where it is them against dissenters, and where whistleblowers are simply publically hanged.

Yes, the next revolution has been set on the stove.  The heat turned on.  It is simply how long till the lid blows off.


  1. 10 years, if we don’t get out shit together.

    And, damn it, I’m a Socialist, not a Communist….

  2. Fear factor higher. A fearful populace is a compliant populace.

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