Who DID Cheney’s goon squad kill?

While the Times presents this disingenuous analysis of Cheney’s secret CIA hit squad, and yet more smoke and mirrors are fed to the Washington Post with desperately-toned CYA backpedaling statements like “The program was active in fits and starts, and it was essentially killed in 2004 because it was deemed ineffective, former and current intelligence officials said. It reemerged briefly in 2005 but remained largely dormant until this year.”; more pieces to the puzzle can be found in an article which ponders aloud whether British weapons scientist Dr. David Kelly and American colleagues Benito Que and Don Wiley, all of whom worked together to assess Iraq’s WMD status AND all of whom were found dead under suspicious circumstances, were victims instead:

“According to Post reporter Joby Warrick, Bush’s finding “imposed no geographical limitations on the agency’s actions” and that the CIA was “not obliged to notify Congress of each operation envisaged under the directive.” This implies that targets could be hit anywhere, including on the soil of a NATO ally or inside the United States itself.”

This article also mentions how convenient Bruce Ivin’s “suicide” (a biochemist we are expected to believe chose an overdose of Tylenol as his way out, knowing full well he would languish in excruciating pain for days before he’d actually expire) was for those investigating the domestic anthrax attacks.

The NYT quickly tries to atone for it’s shameless GOP ass kissing (“Mr. Cheney has never been accused of reckless openness about intelligence programs”) by implying that the program was flawed more by incompetence than malice, but the statement “The real surprise is that in eight years of off-again, on-again brainstorming, planning and training, the program did not kill a single terrorist. It did not even mount an attempt, C.I.A. officials say.” still begs the question: Who DID Cheney’s goon squad kill?

The Times is even ballsy enough to mention that the CIA’s illegal activities relevant to this program came to the attention of Italian authorities who attempted to prosecute them in absentia, but strangely fails to mention the subsequent all-too-convenient “suicide” of Adamo Bove, the IT guru who was the Italian prosecution’s primary witness!

The Bush administration has left behind a long trail of convenient “accidents”, “suicides” and at least one “disappearance”.

Everyone from Pat Tillman to “DC Madame” Deborah Jeane Palfrey to Mike Connell (the IT guy who tweaked the Ohio vote at Rove’s behest and who was about to sing)…

“Muscles” Leola McConnell, Bush’s supposed dominatrix who was disappeared 3 months after writing a tell-all book detailling a bisexual three-way she had in the early 80’s with Bush and his then-roommate at Yale, Arthur Ashe. Ashe was later appointed Ambassador of Poland. Poland is on record as being one of the countries that hosted illegal “extraordinary rendition” prisons. I am guessing they had a little reunion with “Muscles” in Poland shortly before her death…

An IT worker in Greece who found evidence of the CIA’s warrantless wiretapping, and who, like Adamo Bove, was “suicided”.

Fourteen internationally known scientists who specialized in developing antidotes for biotoxins/bioweapons…

Six members of the USAF crew at Minot (including the commander) who handled the nuclear missiles which were almost “accidentally” rerouted to New Orleans. Most were “suicided” or met with fatal accidents within a two week timeframe…

Two paymasters at Baghram Airbase, Afghanistan, one of whom warned her family before she returned from leave to see to it that there would be an investigation “if anything happened to her” because “she’d found something she did not like”. She and her predecessor were both found shot in the back of the head execution style on the base…

With “protection” like this, who needs the mafia? Perhaps more to the point… who needs TERRORISTS?


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  1. responsible for all those “deleted” whitehouse emails sticks in my mind.  Plus the prominent bio-scientists death count was at least 96, but that was some years ago.  Still I have to consider what agencies exist beyond the CIA because if the NYT, that Mockingbird Mouthpiece is talking about it, such “news” must serve only as a diversion to take attention away from real events.

  2. And I would say it is safe to say “Who IS cheney’s goon squad  GOING to kill?” A well oiled machine is never thrown away. And for that matter who does cheney work for, for whom is he the hit man? And who is going to replace him, li’l Rahmmy?

    You have done a bang up job of putting this all together here, keep it up.

    Really, damn good job.

    Be well

  3. At a meeting full of war veterans in Willmar, Minn., days before his death, Wellstone told attendees that Cheney told him, “If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you. There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota.”

    But suggesting Cheney via the CIA killed Wellstone would be CT.

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