UPDATED: Greenpeace occupies coal plants during G8 Summit

This is just so made of win! Greenpeace has occupied four coal-based power plants in Italy as part of a political action to get the attention of the G8 conference attendees on the issue of global warming. One of the coal plants, Fusina, has smokestacks that tower 160 meters over Venice. This guy climbed up and hung a banner. Other plants that have been occupied are Porto Tolle, Vado Ligure, and Brindisi.

They have also sealed the plants and are preventing the processing of coal.

UPDATE!!! In solidarity with the 100 activists in Europe, Greenpeace members in the US hung a banner on Mount Rushmore. The story was covered by Newsweek.

The action is going on NOW and being updated via Twitter. Follow the rest of the goings-on here. Main story here.


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