Service Dogs for Vets

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Sen. Franken’s Service Dog for Vets Bill Passes Senate

The Senate passed Sen. Al Franken’s first piece of legislation, a bill aimed at providing service dogs to more disabled veterans.

The Service Dogs for Veterans Act would create a pilot program within the Veterans Administration. The VA would partner with non-profit groups which train service dogs.

The bill was incorporated into the Defense Authorization bill for fiscal year 2010 and passed as part of the larger bill…………

From a ‘Nam Vet: Congratulations to the Very New Senator Franken for putting this forward as his First Senate Bill and it getting passed!

But it brings up the questions “Why?” as to why it waited till He finally was seated, why didn’t anyone else think of this need or the many others! Why are we finally seeing Congressional Investigations and Hearings these last couple of years but Especially a number of positive movements within the VA alone these last couple of months, with the new Administration and after the seating of Gen. Shinseki as Veterans Administration Head! Why wasn’t there much more done not only in the lead up to these two occupations but threw the years prior to a change in Congress and Administrations, especially by a political party that labels itself “Strong on National Defense!”, and why are some of them Now coming on board for the Veterans of these two Conflicts as well as the rest of us who served! Why weren’t the supporters of these conflicts Demanding more be done for the Veterans Of! So many “Why’s?” asked over and over, no answers given when asked!!


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    • Joy B. on July 25, 2009 at 19:27

    …and too many disabled vets can’t afford them. This is a much-needed piece of legislation, and would go very far in helping those who have sacrificed so much for this country. Our giant mutant mountain poodle (imperial) took over when our daughter developed epilepsy in her early 30s. Always knew when she was going to have a seizure and wouldn’t let her near the stairs, she learned to just lie down on the floor. He slept with her and brought her things and licked her face when it was over. All on his own, they’re that smart!

    Now have a shepherd puppy who is so smart it’s scary. Always paying attention trying to figure out what we want or need. The special training for these dogs – usually labs, ‘doodles, poodles and shepherds – is intense. They can open doors and refrigerators, fetch necessary items, bring in the mail, serve dinner, other amazing things in addition to leading the blind and such. I’m a huge fan!

    Service Poodles

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