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Are you sitting down? Do you have your popcorn ready?

    I thought after a rough week of BaucuCrats, Blue Dogs and Wingnut Obstruction, some of us could use a good laugh.

    A reality based laugh!!!

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    As for myself, I have been laughing at this so hard my sides hurt.

    About a third of Americans think the best job for Palin is homemaker (32 percent), while nearly one in five see her as a television talk show host (17 percent). Vice president of the United States comes in third (14 percent), followed closely by college professor (10 percent), with president coming last (6 percent).

    Republicans think the best job for Palin is vice president (27 percent), followed by homemaker (18 percent), talk show host (14 percent), president (12 percent) and professor (7 percent).

    When Fox News throws you under the bus, you are either a Democrat, or your FINISHED.

    Housekeeper? You mean the Sarahnator’s chances of being President one day are dead?

    Dead as the moose stew in Sarah’s freezer.

I’ll give you a moment to get your self ready before we go below the fold for more of the live comedy show known as the future of the Republican party.

 Who needs CT when reality is so much funnier?

Image Hosting by      Two-thirds, 67%, said they don’t ever want the former Alaska governor to be president, compared with the 21% who said they would.

    While it should come as no surprise that 87% of Democrats said they don’t ever want Palin as commander-in-chief, some 43% of Republicans said the same thing-as well as 65% of independents.

Even 46% of self-identified conservatives said they do not want Palin as president, as well as 44% of those who voted for Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain in 2008.

At 44%, white evangelicals are the largest subgroup supporting Palin as president one day

     Okay, who were the 13% of Democrats who picked pie in that poll? You should know that some people take this stuff seriously, though, those same people who take a possible Palin Presidency seriously deny climate change and evolution and think Obama is a secret muslim, but seriously guys and gals, seriously!

    Of course, reality and overwhelmingly negative polls never stopped Bill O’RFeily from making shit up on the spot, as evidenced by his defense of Sarah Palin’s 2 and 1/2 years out of 4 at Governor of Alaska. Here, BillO says Sarah “Did the job she was elected to do” even though she was so good at it she quit 30 months into a 48 month term.

    Yeah, and I finished first in the first mile of a 10k race, so I guess I won.

    Where’s my freaking medal, Kos!

    Of course, why use your own brain when Fox can report what your brain should be seeing, despite what your lying eyes are telling you.

    Such “Fair and Balanced” evidence can be seen here, where Fox’s Hunt claims that VPOTUS Biden attended the “beer summit” yesterday so neither guest would have to sit without President Obama at his side, while totally missing the fact that the table, well, ermmmm, it was round

    Yeah, you get the feeling that Fox isn’t even really trying anymore lately, huh?

    Going back to our first GOP train wreck, Sarah Palin.

    So, will Sarah get a job in the media? As a radio host maybe?

    Clear Channel not interested in hiring Sarah Palin.

     According to Broadcasting & Cable, Clear Channel Broadcasting, the country’s biggest radio conglomerate, has already turned Palin down because of fears that she wouldn’t be able to “hold forth for three hours a day.”

   So I guess that leaves just two options for the Pit Bull with Lipstick, The slot after Rush Limbo, or Fox News.

    And if that wasn’t enough GOPFail, Senator David Vitter tops off your mug of GOPSTFU with the foamy head of stupid that never seems to end, and is always on tap at the GOP tavern of dumb.

    David Vitter: ‘I’m on the side of conservatives getting back to core conservative values.’

    Earlier this week, Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) told the Columbus Dispatch that the GOP was “being taken over by southerners” and that the party has “too many Jim DeMints and Tom Coburns.” Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) responded today by slamming his colleague for being a “moderate, really wishy-washy” Republican. Vitter decried the influence of “moderates” in his party, saying that the GOP has not stuck to “core conservative values:”


     “I’m on the side of conservatives getting back to core conservative values,” said Mr. Vitter, Louisiana Republican and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. “There are a lot of us from the South who hold those values, which I think the party is supposed to be about. We strayed from them in the past few years, and that’s why we performed so badly in the national elections.”

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    Good luck with that strategy, Sen. Vitter.

    Who needs moderates, or new voters, or new ideas when you have Zombie Reagan on your side.

    Yeah, those moderate GOP voices are ruining the GOP hatefest, all 3 of them. Don’t they know that no matter how many sex scandals, no matter how many war crimes or destroyed economies or ruined environments, the first rule of GOP hypocricy is that you never, ever talk about GOP hypocricy.

    Seriously? These are the people we are the guys we NEED to pass legislation?

    We don’t need the GOP to do anything but keep on providing the fresh material for the Daily Show.

    So, who needs CT when reality can be much, much more entertaining.

    WooT WooT for reality


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    • Edger on July 31, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    one of those cute little uniforms behind the counter at McDonalds? Maybe?

  1. Homemaker and TV show host are the top two poll answers?  What if we killed two wolves with one stone?

    I’m thinkin’ of a new show on the Food Network that’s a sassy blend of cookin’ tips and attacks on the liberal media.  We could cook up tasty conservative treats like moose chili or condor egg omelettes, while lambastin’ the ol’ media there for not bein’ able to find a simple birth certificate.

    We could call the show . . . “Bite Me” . . . or “Blowin’ The Lid Off All The Lies That The Liberal Media Are Tellin’ About Patriotic Real American Folks”

  2. we’re gonna need a bigger boat

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