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This is going to be short, but should get the notice it needs and the corrections in a system that is broken, in a military breaking, in many ways, because of the failed policies of the previous administration and those beating the drums of war but unwilling to serve!

Joshua Fry Was Recruited Out of Group Home for Mentally Disabled

Autistic Marine Court Martialed and Given Bad Conduct Discharge

This had just started coming out yet this kid has been jailed apparently for slightly over a year. Not only was he recruited he went through boot, in the Marines, and was integrated into the Corps with No Objections, then did time as it was going through the military system, and was sentenced to more military prison time!

A Marine whose recruitment is under investigation because he is autistic was sentenced to four years in prison at his court martial Monday, but in a plea deal he will be released for time already served and receive a bad conduct discharge.

This now Marine suffers from Autism, and known condition. The recruitment should never have happened, but how was it nobody, from Command on Down, at a number of places, stopped this all from happening. And how did it even get to incarceration, a Courts Martial, and sentencing!

The conclusion of Fry’s court martial turns the attention to suggestions by Fry’s family and members of Congress that he should never have been recruited into the elite force that bills itself as “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”

There should be a whole lot of prison sentences that should be coming, from the recruiting to the command, Especially the Command!

When you see or hear about an incident they aren’t isolated.  


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  2. My jaw dropped, literally, when I read this post. Un fucking believable. What is it, a marketing system with the recruitment, bottom to top, getting bonuses?

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