It’s been clear for a long time to many of us, and as time passes more and more catch on to the fact that, the Democrats, especially Barack Obama are frauds and, once again, America has been Punked. Bush was the Compassionate Conservative and Obama was the Crusader for Change – fundamental and necessary change to a system which only works for the few.


But since his election, from the zealous defense of a dangerously designed, corrupt and criminal financial system to escalating Bush’s illegal wars of aggression to defending Bush’s dictatorship by presidency to obviously not changing a thing but cementing the status quo (Rule by Corporation), the Obama administration has proved the two-party system is a one-party system and that party is about the plunder by the rich of the rest of humanity.

Lefties like me threw in with Obama because while a political middle-of-the-roader, he seemed the most honest and decent of the two viable Democratic candidates. After years of disappointment in the Vichy Congressional Democrats; after giving them back Congress in 2006 on an anti-war fervor and then watch the Democrats try to out Republican the Republicans in their do-nothing-for-people-do-everything-for-the-corporate-boardrooms politics – in spite of our better instincts we threw in with Obama as a last chance for the Democrats to get it right. The last chance.

But as we see things unfold and we understand the Obama Administration is a continuation of the Bush administration in foreign policy and apparently completely ineffectual domestically. Instead of an overhaul to the greed machine we get lost in fogs of doubletalk and accounting tricks and business goes on as usual; profits are pulled out of a magic hat which reaches down into the people’s pockets.

Obama parrots the Neocons “we’re at war against terror,” but our enemies are third-world impoverished nomads who’ve suffered centuries of Colonialism. These unconstitutional wars are not meant to protect Americans in a dangerous world but to secure and maintain access to resources in a competition between imperial giants.

If LIFE is an inalienable right then isn’t health an inalienable necessity to life? If some rights are inalienable then why must we keep fighting for them from the same old people for millennia? Instead of fighting for health care for, of and by the people, we’re fighting for a ‘public option’ which in the end will be public in name only – kind of like the Federal Reserve that way.  

Why do people always have to fight for crumbs from those who own the bakery? Why don’t the people own their own bakery?

No, and I understand the die-hards still trying to give Obama and the Democrats another chance and ask for patience, it’s only been six months, can’t turn a ship yada-yada-yada. Because to admit we’ve been Punked again, throws responsibility back on ourselves to do something about it. Because if someone like Barack Obama, the most charismatic, popular and centered politician in a generation can’t accomplish more than window dressing and hyperbole, then it means one of two things:

1. Obama is a corrupt lying bastard like most other politicians

2. Our System of Government can’t be fixed from the inside

And this is the crux; it’s the system, not the politician. I suspect, for those folks who enter ‘public service’ as a service to the public and not for personal self-aggrandizement, their motives are good and pure to do right by the people who elected them, even though the money raised to win election in our corrupt system comes mostly from fat-cats with an agenda of maximum profit and minimum interference. But, still, I think many who go to Washington or State government, believe they can do good in spite of the system because aren’t we all patriotic Mr. Smiths when it all comes down to it?

But then reality sets in and it doesn’t take long for the Citizen Politician to understand who really runs things and what government is really for (to protect property and profits against the people.). So they settle. They settle for the crumbs called pork and go home to ask for votes because Mr. Smith brought home a bridge to nowhere. Meanwhile all legislation goes to the war machine, the profit machine and the perpetual motion status-quo machine.

When she said, “let them eat cake,” that ‘them’ was us the people, starving to death on crumbs and at wits end to change a centuries’ old system of privilege and entitlement. Revolution came quick and the silly girl lost her head.

It’s not Obama is an Emperor with No Clothes, it’s that America is. The abyss between rhetoric and reality is a chasm which separates rich from poor, people from government and people from each other. America talks about peace and prosperity but we practice war and plunder. America talks liberty and justice for all but we practice subjugation and torture. America talks a good game of populist rhetoric but she is owned lock, stock and barrel by corporate and aristocratic elites who make Marie Antoinette look like Betty Crocker.

This is where we are. Like it or not. Admit or not.

There will be no change for the people, for the better, from within this system.

It’s our move. And that’s why we need a new, independent, Populist Party to sweep people back into power and sweep the filth of corruption, neglect and deceit from the Halls of Congress and the Oval Office.

A populist third party movement won’t be easy, but it’s doable and is our only option. The Republican and Democrats are compromised beyond repair. They are impediments to change and not agents of change.

The real question is what are we? A people? Or a giant human hog farm.


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  1. And how they keep getting screwed up from the inside.

    Nader destroyed the Greens and then the Reform party for good measure.  Cynthia McKinney gave the Greens the last kick into the grave.  And the Greens themselves split into two parties.

    I think there’s something weird, that’s not coincidental.  

    As a 12 year old kid I leafleted for Eugene McCarthy’s 3rd party run in 1976, and I saw in person how corrupt the party machine was then–the Democrats brought car after carload of hungry old folks to the poll who had promised to vote Democratic in exchange for dinner.  These scared folks would not look left or right at the polls, towards those of us with placards for another candidate, for fear of losing their free meal.

    But the tradition that McCarthy was a part of in 76–running as an independent, and not building one damn thing for the future is a sad one, and has been repeated many times before and since-most recently when Cindy Sheehan ran against Pelosi, and did very well, but did not build one damn thing for 2012 and beyond.

    The most hopeful thing right now is Bernie Sanders, but even there I wonder about whether this is a one time deal, or something that can be built upon.

    • Edger on July 20, 2009 at 17:14

    AFP via RawStory today:

    For the first time since taking office, US President Barack Obama’s job approval rating has dropped below the 60-percent threshold as Americans expressed doubts about his handling of the economy, the deficit and health care, a new opinion poll showed Monday.

    The ABC News/Washington Post survey showed Obama’s job approval rating fell to 59 percent, down 10 points from its springtime peak.

    Slightly more than half of Americans, 52 percent, now approve of his work on the economy, down eight points from its peak, according to the poll.

    Just under half, 49 percent, approve of his handling of health care, a drop of eight points. And only 43 percent approve of his handling of the budget deficit, with 49 percent disapproving, the survey indicated.

    Obama has scheduled a prime-time news conference for late Wednesday to address the issues at hand.

    He obviously has decided that he has no need for the liberal vote, and no need for the progressive vote. If he can be pitted against Palin for 2012 then it’s taking away the stupid vote from Palin that counts.

    Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, apparently…

  2. everything discussed at Bilderberg 2009 is coming true.


    Medical martial law- scheduled for the second week of October.

  3. We do not have two+ parties we have one party with two wings.(forgot where I heard that) I have lived long enough to see the change from a fairly democratic nation to one run by corporations through lobbyist. Can you imagine a very recent government which would break AT&T into separate baby bells or a president resigning over 18 minutes missing on a tape?

    I measure the start being Nam, with the beginning being slow until that great class B hero, Reagan, came along. The change was exponential until 2008. I still have a twinge of hope occasionally that Obama or Holder will pull a string which will start the unraveling. It could be that Obama is doing everything possible to keep attention on health care.(I hope) If by November he has made no move on  Bush/Cheney leftovers we should began implementing a plan.

    Implement a plan you say? What plan? Being possessed less than the mean, median, and my fair share of the brains around the progressive net, devising plans is not my job. In any case it will not be accomplished in my lifetime unless violence is involved.

    I think Big Orange’s plan to elect better democrats is doomed unless the lobbyist system can be  curtailed. We cannot elect them as fast as they become corrupted. They must be bought on issue after issue after issue. There is the occasional exception of course but generally we cannot compete with money or time.

    Our only immediate hope is that someone with the gravitas of Al Gore were to head a third party. I may send him an email. Any other ideas?  

  4. http://www.comcast.net/article

    Now who really in truely cares about what this Bilderberg Bitch says about the western world’s dominance over a country which makes zero night time light brillance from sattelite photos especially when they could HAARP this propped up tyrant right back into the stone age with a flip of the switch.  The entire thing is yet another iron in the fire for the military-industrial complex they can no longer fund properly.  Fuckwadian parasites these Bilderberg globalists, one and all.

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