Obama Begins to Fight the Status Quo and The Ruling Class

Listen to the impatience and frustration in his voice, hahaha.

This is his issue, as I have said many times before, and the GreedMonsters who control this country and the Congress are giving him a lesson on JUST how much they will lie, cheat, bribe and propagandize in order to get what they want. No matter what the cost to The People or the country.

He is finally, to my ear, losing his naivete, and his hope of some bipartisan nirvana, and beginning to fight back. The Ruling Class is educating him on how things really work, and he is beginning to realize that if he doesn’t actively fight against them and call them out (still a bit weakly, all things considered) that they will destroy him and his Presidency and Hope and Change.

Sen DeMint has said that health care is their chance to “break Obama.” Maybe, perhaps, we hope….Obama has realized he is going to have to break THEM just to survive and have a vital Presidency. Maybe he is starting to realize the viciousness and the Rules Of Class War

Let’s hope he learns the lesson well and will become the President we need in these times.

A President who will fight, not just accommodate. Let’s hope that this is just the beginning.


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    • Edger on July 18, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    that he gets royally pissed off.

    Naivete has no place in his job, imo…

  2. DeMint is right.  They can break him on Health Care just like the broke Clinton.

    Obama knows this too, which is why he is finally starting to dance with the populist girl that brung him, if for no other reason than because his crashing poll numbers are telling him she’s his only ride to a second term.

    In general, the change in tone since he got back from Europe has been striking, like when he got his Al Sharpton on at the end of his speech to the NAACP meeting, his first to a (mostly) Black group since his inauguration:

    Obama seems to be reverting to his roots for the moment.  Whatever happens on Health Care, we need to keep him there.

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  4. …that “bipartisanship” has been laid out as a trap for republicans.

    this thinking here is that obama came into office with a high personal approval rating, with all other democrats and republicans far less popular…and with a mandate to make changes.

    by offering rs the chance to “go along with the program”…and then giving them the room to demonstrate just how much they will do to fight against the interests of centrist voters…he’s now able to go back to “campaign mode” and leapfrog the opposition.

    can he overcome his own consevatives? perhaps, especially considering that the senators from maine are more likely to go along with obama on this than to fight to the death.

    the biggest weapon available to use against obama now?


    he is going to have to explain how spending money to cover uninsured people today will save money later.

    the problem that he’ll have next?

    going into the 2012 election with this legislation passed and taxes being collected to pay for it…but a startup date that is still in the future; meaning that he better get people enrolled before summer of 2012.

  5. I just don’t hear this, certainly not in a constructive way at any rate.  He sounds more sobered, perhaps tending toward disillusionment.

    But I do not hear that he is ready to fight.  I wish he were, and I wish this were what I hear.  

    Yet I echo MOT (above), “Here’s hoping.”

  6. but I do hear frustration in his voice, and I think he’s really serious on this. During the campaign, it seemed to me that healthcare was his big issue. Considering his mother’s struggle with not only cancer, but also with the resulting medical bills, it makes sense that this is such an important issue to him.

    With the dysfunction in Congress right now, President Obama won’t be able to pass any real reform without some help from the people who got him elected (i.e, us). If we can do it, it won’t quite be the end of the ruling class’ monopoly on power, but it will be a step towards the people acting together with government in the common interests of both. I think this one is really worth getting out there and manning the phones and putting pressure on Congresscritters to do what’s in the interests of their constituents.

  7. That time of the month.

    • jamess on July 18, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Obama is standing up for the People, and the Public Option,


    I hope this is not just “some sort of Phase”,

    he’s going through, lol.

  8. to get pissed? I’ve been pissed since 2000!

    What took him so long? He didn’t pay attention and didn’t get pissed when that fat fuck whatshisname turned off the mics, didn’t get pissed when Conyers couldn’t get a decent room to hold a meeting, didn’t get pissed at every fucking thing the Rethugs did for eight years? There is no working with those fucks! Obama should’ve known this from day one!

    end of rant

  9. but he still needs to dump Rahm and prod Senate Dems into replacing Harry Reid, already.

  10. Obama is. This is not going to be easy but it is as we all know a defining moment like nothing so far. Seeing how he operates I think he has given them all every chance to be part of the solution rather than naivete.

    At least, I like to tell myself that Obama is not naive. I can’t imagine that he ever believed that Republicans would suddenly become responsible. There was no indication at any time in the last 30 years that they are anything but greedy and contrary and political at all times. They long ago gave up understanding or believing in a difference between governing and politics.

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