Lizard People exposed! Open thread

Run for your lives.


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  1. an Open Thread… for Marcy.

    aka emptywheel sez “BLOWJOB” on TV.

    She’s been commenting in the rec list diary at orange.

    Poor Marcy. I hope this was not her FIRST venture on TV?

    But this is the best…. its the Marcy clip, juxtaposed with another of Buchanan urging Todd P. to drown Linus … whatsisname. Bristol’s ex BF.


  2. Couldn’t help myself. Besides, don’t I get to post an open thread once in awhile.

    Well there, I did. So, okay then.

    • Adam on July 14, 2009 at 01:48

    Don’t be fooled. Their low car insurance rates are just a ploy to get us to lower our guard to them.

  3. Lizard People 2

  4. who has for a while been considering running for public office has a lot of Cheneyite Lizardly invaluable experience to offer:

    Lizarda, formerly Deputy Assistant Sect. of State for Near Eastern Affairs and Head of the “Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group”:  

    The Times maintained that when the group became controversial, with critics saying that it was plotting covert actions that could escalate into war with Iran and Syria, the group was disbanded, by May 2006.

    In related lizard news, Lizard Daughter continues to be frequently featured–as recently as today, in fact–defending Lizard Dad’s role in concealing (& conceiving??) rougue CIA activities–meanwhile, Lizard Daughter was in the past accused of being involved in “plotting covert actions that could escalate into war with Iran and Syria…”  

    Oddly enough, the same “journalists” who keep featuring Lizard Daughter’s ranting defenses of Lizard Dad keep failing to ask her about the previous reports of her own role in certain “covert activities”…

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