Live re: Afghan from Sen. Durbin’s porch

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Hound Dog


S-a-a-a-y WHAT?


Yep, it’s true.  Sen. Dick Durbin has an office in Springfield, Illinois, right in the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.  It’s a beautiful, peaceful little park, with historic Lincoln-era homes.  Durbin’s office is in the George W. Shutt House, and Mr. Shutt was a neighbor of the Lincolns. The house is owned by the National Park Service, and Sen. Durbin has rented office space here since he was a member of the House of Representatives.

I’m blogging away, right now, on the far right side of the porch.

And, it’s no secret he has an office here.  Take a look at his Senate home page. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the address: 525 South 8th St, Springfield IL 62703.


Why here?


Well, here’s one reason which is totally enough, all by itself —– because I can.

I CAN, because this is a public place.

I CAN, because of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of peaceable assembly – actual and virtual.  I call it live on-site citizen journalism.  As soon as I arrived, I informed the office that I’m here, and what I’m doing… secret to it.

Sen. Durbin wants our troops to be in Afghanistan, and I’m questioning the premises for this deployment.

[the rest of this essay is at dkos]


  1. thanks good people for yer interest!

  2. has created such a firestorm today that I think he’s upstaged everything else.  Gee whiz, the Dems are getting just what they’ve always wanted, with Harry The Wimp.   We SO need viable third parties in this country.

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