Limbaugh called our President an “Oreo” Today 20090727

Rush Limbaugh went over the limit today.  I listen to his awful radio rant to keep you from having to do so.

In his closing statements today, Monday, 20090727, he made a very racial reference.  I would link to it, but I will NEVER pay that sorry excuse for a person even one cent to access his files.

To those of whom are not hip to the label, an “Oreo” is someone who is black on the outside and white in the middle, like the cookie (ones that I happen not to like, too much sugar).  This is an epithet that is loathed by all races, but Limbaugh loves it.

I do not and will not subscribe to Limbaugh’s money making site.  This is probably there, but I will not pay him one cent to look at it.  But I did listen to his show today.

Thus, I will have to reconstruct it from memory.  He was raving about a group interested in preventing cancer that put up a billboard telling people that frankfurters, being a highly processed meat product, increases the probability of bowel cancer by 21% if eaten often.  That science is good, by the way.

Then he went into a rant about how, and this is a pretty accurate paraphrase, “I told you that they would come after your SUVs, but no one believed me.  I told you that they would come after this and that etc, and on one believed me.  Now they are coming after your hot dogs!  People, these folks are rabid.  The next thing that you know, they will come after your Oreos, but only after Obama is out of office.”  Then it went to the break.

This is blatantly racist, and damned old Limbaugh knows it.  He should get the same treatment that Imus had, immediate termination and abrogation of his contract for misconduct.  But his handlers are not likely to do that, since they make money from him.  Keith, please come out of vacation to cover this, and everyone else on ethical news services should do the same.

I maintain that Limbaugh is not only a raciest, but a very open one.  The difference between him and Imus is simply the dollar amount that he brings in to his sponsors.  By the way, I have never bought ANYTHING that he hawks.  The spokesman is correct, Limbaugh just tries to make money.

If anyone has the sound byte on this topic, please include it in a comment.  As I said, I will never subscribe to his site and give him money.

I have not seen this covered anywhere else, so I thought it was important to cover this evening.  If someone else has already posted on this topic, I apologize for taking your thunder.

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    • Robyn on July 28, 2009 at 04:35
    • Inky99 on July 28, 2009 at 08:31

    This stuff is all about distracting people, and all part of the “divide and conquer” strategy to keep the American people at each other’s throats rather than hanging banksters and MIC fat cats from lampposts.  

    Just like “Gates Gate”.  

  1. He does this shit for one reason and one reason only: to GET ATTENTION.

    The more people scream about it, the MORE HE LIKES IT.

    Jusst ignore him. He is the asshole in the back of the classroom throwing spitballs.

    • Joy B. on July 28, 2009 at 18:02

    …makes me want to puke, and that’s NOT looking at his fat, boil-covered ass (or is that his face?). People who believe he’s the head of the ‘Pug party are people with less sense than a 2-year old. Bleeech!

    • on August 1, 2009 at 12:58

    I also can’t stand listening to Rush Limbaugh spew his hate, but ignorance of the opinions of others never help anyone better themselves.  Here is link that you can listen to his rant, during which he makes reference to our President being an “oreo”.…   This is the type of thing that does divide our country, that deserves our attention so that we may see these “people” for what they truly are.  Not outlets of information, but hate-mongers.  People who can’t build up, but only tear down!  The Civil Rights movement is far from over.  This is our challenge now.  Its time that we make the words of the Pledge of Allegiance mean something.  “One nation…Indivisble with liberty and justice for all!”  

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