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When stress approaches, I used to get rather severe migraines.  Since I was often stressed, this was definitely not pleasant.

The migraines retreated after I transitioned.  But I still get headaches, though not as severe nor with the attendant visual disturbances the migraines came with.  The headaches I get nowadays are mostly of the sinus variety and are connected with allergies, it appears.

But sometimes I do still get stressed.

My strategy now is to try relaxing with my art program, rather than curl up in a dark place with a hot compress.  Mostly it works.

I decided to share what I created the past couple of days just in case someone else might find them useful in relieving some stress.

There are fourteen graphics inside.  Be forewarned.

Clicking on the graphics will open larger versions in a new tab.

Start with something relatively simple.  Replicate it and flip the replicants horizontally and vertically and shrink them to one quarter size, then push them back together to be the four corners of a tile.  A soothing color like blue is useful.

Repeat that process on the previous piece.

Warp the result with a tool which does some spherical eversion.

Do the replication process and the spherical eversion of the result.

Some values used in the eversion tool result in collapse into diamond shapes.

Copy the previous four pieces, recolor them, and paste them into the corners of a new canvas.

From then on, it’s just time to play with the possibilities.

Give one a name if you think it has earned it.


I hope you enjoyed these.

How’s your stress level?


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    • Robyn on July 26, 2009 at 21:03

    …also might help with the headache thingy.

    • Alma on July 26, 2009 at 21:31

    the blues to be the most soothing. Much appreciated.  

    My stress level has been a little high lately.  Found out Hubby needs two minor surgeries, a friend found out she has cancer, another friend lost her second daughter in about a month, and a man I went to school with died in his capsized boat.  Not what I would call a soothing week.

    • Robyn on July 26, 2009 at 23:14

    No stress there.

    • jamess on July 27, 2009 at 02:09

    your color choice and saturation is amazing!

    Here are some interesting Fractal pages,

    the next time you need to take a virtual journey.

    Fractal World Gallery with Flame Fractals

    Jock Cooper’s Fractal Art

    Zoomable Fractal Gallery

    Fractal Animations … very mesmerizing,

    in a “fantastic journey” sort of way,

    if you have the PC resources to burn.


  1. Especially the blue ones today. Oregon is having a heat wave, 101 and climbing tomorrow. Teenage grandaughters arriving and me and Shahayar spent the day cleaning the house scraping months of mud and grit from my gardening marathon as of late whew. I’m freakin hot and stressed. The blue ones helped I’ll take two before bed and be fine in the morning. Thanks!    

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