In Republican/Blue Dog America

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In Republican/Blue Dog America, only one thing matters, power.

And only one group gets to have power:

BILL O’REILLY: But do you understand what the New York Times wants, and the far-left want? They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure, which you’re a part, and so am I….

The context and attributions can be found here: Preserving the ‘white, Christian, male power structure.’

In Republican/Blue Dog America there is only one goal, screw everyone else to claw your way to the top ….so that then you can REALLY screw everyone else.


In Republican/Blue Dog America therefore, everything is very, very simple.

In Republican/Blue Dog America there can be no EFCA or Unions, because everyone has to work for whoever is on top. All Labor exists only to serve Capital.

In Republican/Blue Dog America abortion must be illegal because men are superior to women and thus have to be in control of their bodies.

In Republican/Blue Dog America education is a tool to teach obedience, not to free the mind, so public schools exist only to crank out ignorant workers who will serve (and vote for) whoever is on top.

In Republican/Blue Dog America the “lesser races” don’t count, so it is not only ok to discriminate against them in every way you can think of….it is also ok to launch pre-emptive wars against them.

In Republican/Blue Dog America if someone has information that might harm Republican/Blue Dog America, it is ok to torture them. If Republican/Blue Dog America is caught torturing against its laws and stated morals, they will not be prosecuted because they obviously had a good reason.

In Republican/Blue Dog America of course, Gay People are just icky, let’s not even talk about them….if we ignore them enough, maybe they will just shut up and go away.

In “modern” Republican/Blue Dog America you can indeed rise to the top if you are born part of a minority (lesser) race! After you have sworn fealty to Republican/Blue Dog America and repudiated and renounced your heritage (See: Sotomayor) before a Blue Ribbon panel of Republican/Blue Dog Americans. Oh and distanced yourself from your preacher, if he told some of the truth about Republican/Blue Dog America. Safe minorities are welcome…they will still be viciously attacked, reviled and their authority questioned…but they are welcome, really. Unless of course they get all uppity or show any anger towards the injustices of Republican/Blue Dog America.

In Republican/Blue Dog America once you rise high enough, you can steal anything. If your greed then gets you in trouble, if you overreach and bankrupt your company and threaten the entire economy, the “Lower Classes” will pay for your mistake. And then you can immediately go back to stealing money from the lower classes and getting big bonuses for it!

Because in Republican/Blue Dog America government exists for only one reason, to make it easier for you to steal. IF you are far enough up the ladder to have “contributed” a pittance of what you steal to buy enough Senators and Congress members.

And of course….In Republican/Blue Dog America you can only have affordable decent Health Care if you have already clawed your way to the top.

In Republican/Blue Dog America, being on top is all that matters. Being on top of women, Being on top of gays, Being on top of workers, Being on top of any other nations, Being on top of “terrorists” no matter what our “morals’ say, Being on top of “Lesser races,” and of course, Being on top of the economic food chain.

Pretty odd for a group that doesn’t believe in evolution!

If you haven’t already made it to the top, mostly by being born on top, it is your own fault. Because OF COURSE those who were born on top are going to keep all those ‘lower beings’ from ascending….by whatever means necessary. It is only natural, after all, that those on top can lie, steal, cheat, kill and torture better than lesser beings! How do you think they got to the top in the first place!?!?

By merit or ability or competence?

Don’t be silly, what do you think this is….a democracy or something?

There is one central lie at the heart of Republican/Blue Dog America, that White Christian Males who have risen to the top of the Power Structure are innately superior to every other person on earth.


That lie is slowly….and VERY painfully….being exposed.

But until that process is done, until that lie and the attending Power Structure that has been built around it is destroyed, we are all in a weird Limbo. Because that lie and the attending Power Structure that surrounds it touches EVERY aspect of life on the planet.

Even as it is destroying the planet.

Until that lie has been destroyed sufficiently there will be no true economic justice, no equitable health care or economic equality. There will be no true social justice or equality. And there will be no true criminal justice or equality.

Because the White Christian Male Ruling Class (and if you are reading this, TRUST ME you are not a part of that Class. No matter what your skin color, religion or gender may be) ….the White Christian Male Ruling Class controls justice in this country, and seeks to control it in the rest of the world. And they will NOT give up that control, because they believe, as the revelations about The Family are proving, that it is their God Given right to do so.

Until they are proven wrong, which IS in the slow, painful process of happening, everything that the rest of humanity is fighting for….including the survival of the planet itself…will be fought against with every breath in their body. By any means necessary. And that is just the way it is, that IS what we are up against. That’s the Bad News.

The Good News is…’we,’ the rest of humanity are winning. We have allies in the government, we have allies in the media, and we have the greatest ally of all…the truth.

Just the fact that they are having to so blatantly expose themselves to keep their power now, just the fact the spotlight is on them and showing them for what they truly are after all of these decades is a HUGE victory.

So keep fighting…and keep Yelling!


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  1. This essay is taboo, this essay speaks an awkward, uncomfortable truth. This essay is controversial. This essay speaks plainly of something that is not easily spoken about.

    Los Caveats: Please read before proceeding.


    I place this essay before you today not to condemn a subset of humanity, not to say that they are evil, not to call for their heads, and certainly not to condemn every person reading it who shares any of the characteristics of the subset in question. I share them myself.

       If you are reading this and yet do share some of those characteristics…you have probably been fighting your whole life to defeat…..”it.” Yet, it will probably still sting. You may feel a sense of shame, but I say to you now, with all of the honesty I can muster after examining my heart and conscience, I do not write this to shame you. You may what I am about to write and you are about to read… ‘insensitive.’ You may even find it insulting. You may become angry. The words on this page may make you feel…..a certain way. Which is why they are taboo. But they are, to the best of my ability to perceive it, The Truth. And though I take full responsibility for writing them, I do not take responsibility for how they make you feel. I did not make this Truth. I just have the temerity to set it in print.

       As the subset I am writing about often are heard to say….I apologize if what I say offends you in any way.


    • Edger on July 28, 2009 at 20:31

    Don’t they provide a living example for everyone else to aspire to, making everyone equal and giving everyone the chance to to claw their way to the top? Too?


  2. Christian Male Ruling Class

    I still think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. Replace “Christian” with “Jewish” and see how it reads. I still maintain this is about money and power, not the religion and skin color of those who have it.

    • Joy B. on July 28, 2009 at 21:45

    …had a ‘thing’ against white people. And he’s the whitest white person this side of the Winters Brothers you’ll ever see. But then, he’s got a ‘thing’ against humans generally. Told us proudly when he was 2 that he was a velociraptor in his past life, that being a better station in his mind, I presume. We still hope he’ll get over it someday. Especially now that he’s in college… ยง;o)

  3. Good way of putting the TRUTH out there!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Edger on July 28, 2009 at 22:44

    not just two essays on the rec list, but the TOP two essays on the rec list?

    Are you connected or something? Clawing your way to the top over the bodies of your customers with the help of your buddies in the ruling class?

    Sheesh. I love the smell of corruption in the morning.

  4. only one thing really does matter, and that IS power.

    This is why only suckers support “triangulation” or politicians who use it as a practice.

       In Republican/Blue Dog America there can be no EFCA or Unions, because everyone has to work for whoever is on top. All Labor exists only to serve Capital.

    This is pretty much capital’s position throughout the ages.  No wonder the Republicans are so successful at politics — they can buy government with the money capital gave them.  Meanwhile, even here the legions flock to defend capital (and its creed, capitalism) every time we attack it.

       In Republican/Blue Dog America once you rise high enough, you can steal anything.

    David Harvey calls it “accumulation through dispossession” and suggests that it is the modus operandi of capital for the past thirty years.

    In short, Budhy, the Republicans are more successful than we are because we buy too much of their bullsh*t while missing out on the truths they themselves employ to retain power.  A rational strategy against them would involve:

      1. Seizing and retaining power (preferably for the sake of popular rule, as only the people united will never be defeated).

      2. Ending capitalism (hopefully for a benign form of ecosocialism).

    Don’t hold your breath.  See, this is the thing.  Your diary reveals more about us than it does about the Republicans.

  5. …has a new post  

    over at the orange

    He hasn’t posted anywhere in a couple of months.  So I post this for any who may have missed it, although I saw several dd names on the rec list.

  6. for another wonderful and true rant.  I keep getting here late; I’m spending all my time at the barricades—er-ah…phones, giving congress critters a large piece of my mind, because they are so lacking in the capacity, er-ah, heart also.

    • Inky99 on July 29, 2009 at 03:48

  7. but think they hit a triple.

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