Imperialist Aerial Bombing of Iraq Going on 100 Years

There is not a single Iraq citizen alive who hasn’t lived through a period of aggression from imperialist nations.  That aggression goes back well over 100 years, but particularly since the beginning of the oil ages spurred by the Industrial Revolution. Air attacks on Iraq started nearly 100 years ago, not long after the capability for air attacks was created.

I find it amazing that a century after the first attacks on Arabs to gain control of their oil, it is still happening.  Discounting the horrendous death toll of innocent humans, it would seem the cost of such an agenda cannot possibly justify the means.  Counting the horrendous death and devastation toll, it is impossible to justify.

How can we as a people have believed that this current imperialist attack in the Middle East would have been for a different motive than nearly 100 years ago?    

There is ample information on the internet regarding the British occupation of Iraq and Iran in the early twentieth century.  The history is well documented and even made famous by the “Lawrence of Arabia” mainstream bullshit that rivals the treatment of Native Americans in early TV and radio.  

Prior to the current imperialist nation, our own United States, previous imperialist nation Britain occupied Iraq starting in 1917, and claimed they were their for “Full sovereignty” to Iraq, that’s what the British falsely claimed more than 80 years ago.  Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it.  In fact, the British imperialists believed that control of Mesopotamia (Iraq) would safeguard British oil interests in Persia (Iran).  Somewhat familiar but we lost Iran and need to get it back!…

Here we are almost a century later and we’re still talking about insurgencies and Fallujah.

“In 1920, an insurgency broke out in the area of Fallujah, where Sheikh Dhari killed a British officer, Colonel Leachman, and cut rail traffic between Fallujah and Baghdad. The British advanced towards Fallujah and inflicted “heavy punishment” on the tribe.  The Royal Air Force, with Churchill’s support, bombed rebellious villages and dissident tribesmen in Iraq.  Churchill urged the employment of mustard gas, which had been used against Shia rebels in 1920.”

Fuck ya, use mustard gas.  Teach Saddam how to do it for future purposes. Then we can put the blame on him and go on back in there.  People killed, no matter.  That’s the name of the game. The world is not a pretty place so deal with it.  

Wow, 89 years ago and those bastard insurgents in Fallujah were fucking with imperialist plans.  And they didn’t even have access to nuclear bombs because, as I recall, they weren’t fucking invented yet.  So I can understand why they didn’t call it the “Global War on Terrorism” back then.  That would have been a hard wood to saw.   But then again, the British imperialists made no bones about it, they were there for the oil and anyone that got in their way would be killed, along with whatever civilians might be there.  That seems a bit familiar as well.  

“These assertions ignore the deeply-felt hostility to decades of colonial and semi-colonial rule by the Western powers, who long plundered Iraq’s oil reserves. During World War I, Mesopotamia was occupied by British forces, and it became a British mandated territory in 1920. In 1921, a kingdom was established under Faisal I, son of King Hussein of Hejaz and leader of the Arab Army in World War I. Britain withdrew from Iraq in 1932, but British and American oil companies retained their grip over the country.”

We should have known, we American people.  Of course not just American people, all people.  Especially the British, WTF is up with them?  They’ve been thru this shit, why didn’t they stop it?  They frigging started it.  Is the brainwashing of all peoples through government and corporate propaganda that effective?  There were many who did know why we were attacking Iraq and Afghanistan.  Their warnings went unheeded by the masses.  The masses are conditioned now with the TV, internet, cell phones, all the gadgets necessary to keep their minds away from reality.  There are still millions, including many progressives, who believe we are “right” by being in Afghanistan.  Blows my mind because their reason isn’t the hard line, “we are the world power, we deserve to control the world resources” of the Neocons, but rather a belief in the war on terrorism.  

There is no other way to put it, this Global War on Terror (GWOT), is a fabrication by western elites, to continue pillaging the natural resources of the earth for their own benefit.  The game is more complicated now of course, but the goals are the same.  It’s very simple when you look at the history of imperialism.  It’s been going on a long time folks, thousands of years really, so isn’t it time to wake up and accept the evidence?  

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