Greenpeace: Not Going Away

Today’s fun at Vado Ligure: they finished putting messages on the smokestacks and one guy paraglided down towing a banner.

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  1. Happy dance!!!

  2. And I’ll tell you a story later about GP if I have time…

    • Joy B. on July 10, 2009 at 4:47 am

    My hubby and I (and 2 kids) were caretaking a shrimp boat dock on the St. Johns in Jacksonville when the Rainbow Warrior came to the dock next door to be refitted with sails plus engine overhaul for its fateful trip to New Zealand. Got to know them quite well, steered them to where they needed to take water samples, which led to the shutdown of the paper mills that polluted the area so bad you couldn’t believe it. That yellow fog in the mornings would eat the paint right off your house and car, but it was always officially “no danger to the general public” lungs. Ha!

    Dioxin. SOP waste product, like cyanide from metal finishing operations, something we’d busted a local industry for previously when area dogs and cats kept dying from drinking from the creek. Sometimes it’s much more effective to work with the industry to get problems corrected than it is to bust them seriously on nationwide cable.

    But it’s them knowing you CAN that makes ’em willing to remediate.

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