What has made Docudharma special has been the mandate to be excellent to one another.  When this blog first began, the users contributed some terrific writing and friendships were formed.  It has, for many, been a place of refuge with the opportunity to present ideas in a welcoming and genteel atmosphere that was, for the most part, unique on the Internet.  

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The core users have not changed and there is much to love about Docudharma. There has also been an influx of new users and with a small portion has come baggage from other blogs.  Like a hailstorm on a petal, it has upset what I’ve referred to in the past as dharmakarma.  

I’m asking, as a long time contributor who cares very much about this site, that those who came here with baggage respect this site and leave that baggage at the door.

Several of the new users have weighed in that I/P should be discussed.  Buhdy addressed that directly in a recent diary and determined that inflammatory I/P should not.  If you have questions about that, it is up to buhdy to decide and you should take it up with him, rather than challenging users who support his rules.  It is up to the blog owner to set them.  

I do support his mandate of excellence and no inflammatory I/P essays.  I believe that mandate is essential to the dharmakarma essence of Docudharma.  Does it mean that all subjects are banned? Of course not. But if an essay has been determined by buhdy to be inflammatory, then supporting it by filling the threads on the topic is a way to erode the mandate. If the topic itself can be presented in a non-inflammatory way, a better approach is to write a non-inflammatory essay and take the discussion where the temperature is not so hot.    

I like to think everyone who comes here respects (and even welcomes) the rules that guide this blog. Those rules are: be excellent to one another and no inflammatory I/P. For those who are not following either or both, please do. If your first instinct is to not answer a comment politely, then please step back before you post and review it for the excellence standard.  That standard is to treat people with respect and to not write or support (by discussing the topic in the threads) inflammatory I/P essays.

Saol fada chugat (it means “long life to you”)


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  1. I would have put this on the front page, but thought it would be better to let buhdy decide meta there.

    I hope users take this to heart.


  2. imflammatory is.  

    • Viet71 on July 5, 2009 at 2:04 am

    You strayed (if that’s the right term) into a big quarrel.

    I agree with ek.  There’s a lot of persistent ignorance.

    Also, a lot of holding back.  And licking up.

    You need to be resilient and come back another day.

    You are a point of light here.

  3. from another blog. No baggage, I left that over there.

    I/P diaries are never civil, no matter how hard one tries. There is just too much emotion attached to the very subject, no matter what side one is on. One of the reasons I left the other blog, I do go back once in a while, was the inability of some people to discuss anything without personal insults.

    I like it here! It is like I want my days to be, informative, educational and most of all at peace with my fellow traveler. I do curse like a sailor sometimes, I hope this is not taken personal or offensive to y’alls fragile being.  

  4. Stormchaser, you have clearly not met the “excellence” standard in many posts here.

    You’ve been pompous, irrational, and rude-certainly not polite to anyone.  

    Again, I question who exactly you speak for with both this meta and the rudeness-if you really speak for the site, then I will leave regardless of the IP issue-because you’re not rational enough to run a good site.

    Frankly, if you’re not speaking for the site, I don’t care about your UID or how long your tenure is here–you’re just another poster.  

    If you want to discuss issues.

    Discuss them.  

    If people get mad: they do.

    If you don’t want to discuss ‘contentious issues’ : don’t  blog.  

    If Bhuddy tells us we can’t talk about IP on his site, then he does, and he can ban people, or people slowly leave, or we all just talk about stuff we all agree on, like the weather in Alaska, how much we all hate Rush Limbaugh, or how we all really really wish we were as


    as the fake Scot.

    Druim nan deur

  5. essay that sparked this meta ember from the fire it seems to me that the definition of I/P is at the heart of the matter. Of course you cannot blog and not acknowledge the Israel and Palestine and the US are indeed huge parts of the equation of the world’s cauldron, the Mideast. The place we are literally inflaming and burning.

    I/P flamers are a separate breed. They are easily recognizable when you stumble into them. They are not really about discussing the issues or even persuasion. They are long held grudges and warfare between longtime proponents that are an endless circle, that like a drain sucks all of the participants, regardless of intent, down a hole. They have a tribal and religious quality that turns the smartest people into hateful hurlers of poo. The worst aspect of them is that they make the situation and solutions or even the understanding impossible as they are really about the heat of defending the undefendable.

    Sorry to go on here but I think what the administration is saying is not that the topic is verboten but that the very construct of IP as a form of gunfight is not welcome as it just trashes the place and fries all the people who are in the vicinity and the flames spill onto the whole place. The last time I participated I said some awful stuff to a blogger I admire and was full of self loathing for days.. So I think it’s not the subject that is forbidden but the format. Easy to avoid on dkos as it’s so huge, here they stand in stark relief.          


  6. shouldn’t rec can stuff it.  Hear me, stuff it!


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