Congressional Casino; or, how to fix the odds in your favor

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Have you ever wondered why a casino will ban a person who can count cards? It’s because that tips the odds into the player’s favor. That is the game of the establishment; keep the odds in YOUR favor.

With that in mind…

Guess who just got deposed? Karl Rove. Guess by who? Rep. John Conyers. Business as usual, right? Wrong. Rep. John Conyers is on thin ice right now. As you know, Rep. John Conyers` wife is in a scandal in Detroit.

Now, imagine just how that scandal came to light right before Karl Rove had to testify. That is one, huge, m#therf@*cking, coincidence. Let me tell you. Just around the time Karl Rove has no cover when he is finally forced to testify, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee of which Karl Rove is testifying to has his wife arrested for a bribery scandal.

The next question: how did the GOP find out about Conyers` wife and her bribes? (think of that illegal wiretapping that started under Bush)

There are no coincidences. Conyers` wife and her bribery scandal was merely an ace in the hole to be held until it needed to be dropped onto the table.

Ah, next question, if President Obama is in charge, hasn’t this stopped? Hardly. And I doubt that the Democrat’s have turned the tables. The GOP is using, mostly, old information, but, with the Bush holdout’s, they can still ferret out more information. Yes, they will use it in a heartbeat, too.

But, this whole game is rigged. The “house” has rigged against the players. The players are as rigged as they can get. It is simply one huge compilation of corruption.

The only people above the game is Wall Street.


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  1. Please explain how you think Wall street is above the game.  Do you mean because they never are held accountable?

    The only people above the game is Wall Street.

    This is along the lines of the first attack on Conyers back in 2006, when he was making progress on criminal investigations and possible impeachment.  And behold, some misuse of one of his aides in baby sitting chores surfaced.  Say what?

    Thanks, Michael.  

  2. That is the game of the establishment; keep the odds in YOUR favor.

    Wrong. The house’s best interests are in the benefit of the house. Always.

    And that applies to Congress, too.

  3. Conyers having been in the political business as long as he has, is fully aware of the extent of warrantless wiretapping. The events concerning this scandal occurred in 2007, long after warrantless wiretapping was instituted and fought against in courtrooms all across America.

    How could either of them not know it would be brought to light? Why was it done at all? Is his wife taking a fall to get him off the hook for not prosecuting Rove? We’ve heard excuse after mealymouthed excuse for why Rove was never dragged before the Judiciary after flouting THREE Congressional subpoenas. Something about this whole thing stinks on ice, and it’s not all coming from Rove.

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