Candles in the Rain

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Forty years ago, during the darkest days of the Vietnam War, seekers of peace and love gathered at Woodstock. They came because they shared a common belief in the power of love, a common hope that music could heal America’s wounds and show it the way.

woodstock 001 Pictures, Images and PhotosI came upon a child of God,

He was walking along the road,

I asked him, where are you going,

And this he told me.

I’m going on down to Yasgur’s farm,

I’m going to join in a rock and roll band,

I’m going to camp out on the land,

And get my soul free.

Then can I walk beside you,

I have come here to lose the smog,

And I feel like a cog in something turning.

Well maybe it’s just the time of year,

Or maybe it’s the time of man,

I don’t know who l am,

But life is for learning.

By the time they got to Woodstock,

They were half a million strong.

And everywhere there was song and celebration,

And they dreamed they saw the bombers,

Riding shotgun in the sky,

Turning into butterflies,

Above our nation.

The dream of Woodstock didn’t come true.  40 years later, NSA surveillance satellites are riding shotgun in the sky, song and celebration are hard to find, the specter of war crimes and corruption and economic disintegration hangs above our nation.  America cynically rejected everything the Woodstock generation believed in.  Joni Mitchell’s song of peace and love could have been the anthem of a nation seeking redemption, but it survives only as a nostalgic reminder of what might have been.  

Nixon.  Ford.  Reagan.  Bush I.  Bush II.  Nixon Democrats.  Reagan Democrats.  Corporate Democrats.  The blood of two million Vietnamese is on their hands, the blood of a million Iraqis is on their hands.  They funded the Pentagon war machine and are still funding it, they funded the NSA and are still funding it.  There’s no peace, but we’ve got plenty of black budgets, black ops, racist militias and fascist cops.        

Look what they’ve done to our song, Ma,

Look what they’ve done to our song.

It’s only thing we could do half right,

And it’s turning out all wrong, Ma.

Crossfire.  Hardball.  Blitzer, Beck and Bachmann.  Greta, Cokie and Morning Fucking Joe.  This Week With George Stephanopolous and Every Shithead in D.C.      

Look what they’ve done to my brain, Ma,

Look what they’ve done to my brain.

Well they picked it like a chicken bone,

And I think I’m half insane, Ma,

Look what they’ve done to my brain.

Change only the NSA can believe in.  Change only the CIA can believe in.  Change only the Pentagon can believe in.  Halliburton and KBR are still raking in the profits while Obama looks the other way. The war profiteers are still laughing all the way to the bank while the flag draped caskets keep coming home and military suicide rates keep escalating.  

Pleased to meet you . . .

Pentagon Pictures, Images and Photos

Hope you guess my name.

Meet the new National Security State, same as the old National Security State.  

I wish I could find a good book to live in,

Wish I could find a good book.

Well, if I could find a real good book,

I’d never have to come out and look at,

What they’ve done to our song.

Obama meets the Queen of England, he goes to Paris, he goes to Rome, he walks the red carpets of Europe while 500,000 more Americans walk the unemployment line.  He leaves single payer healthcare behind, he leaves TARP oversight behind, he leaves gays and liberals and foreclosed on families behind, but he’s leaving no Wall Street bankers behind.  AIG keeps handing out bonuses, Geithner and Summers keep feeding the Beast, Goldman Sachs is reporting record blowout profits and will own the whole planet by 2012.  

Dennis Kucinich . . .

We desperately need monetary reform

Congress was taken for a ride, and the American people’s wealth went with it.  So now you have a system of checks and balances. The Treasury writes all the checks, and Congress doesn’t know what the balance is.  Trillions of dollars are being taken both from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, which is printing money, which you, the American taxpayer, have to back up.

We need to begin to have a serious discussion of monetary reform because what’s been allowed to happen is that banks have been permitted to create money out of nothing, and they have not held sufficient reserves against their investments that could go sour. This caused the collapse of a financial system that’s being shored up with U.S. tax dollars and with trillions of dollars printed by the Fed as backup.

This is a moment in American history that should not escape us. This is a massive theft that goes far beyond anything that’s ever occurred in the history of this country. What’s happening is they’re using government to accelerate the wealth upward and they’re using the Treasury to grab the resources of the public and to enable the banks to get extraordinary amounts of resources and they’re still not loaning money to let people save their homes.

But maybe it will all be all right, Ma,

Maybe it will all be OK.

If Wall Street banks start buying tears,

We’ll be rich some day, Ma.


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  1. all of it.

    thank you Rusty, excellent … as usual.

    • Alma on July 14, 2009 at 2:18 am

    I’m so conflicted I almost typed in your real last name instead of Rusty.

    Now you have me wanting to put my Melanie CD’s on, but Keith is on now and after that Rachel.  Oh decisions, decisions.

    • RiaD on July 14, 2009 at 2:57 am

    Lyrics | Melanie – Lay Down lyrics

  2. songs you used to frame the story.  I can tell you,  some days I want them to just give me some of the money they stole, to be able to set myself free, or for them to go to hell, before they think they can talk to me, about anything.

    It’s all wrong.

    • jamess on July 14, 2009 at 3:02 am

    thanks for the DK quote, too.

    smart guy, hope he gets somewhere with that tact.

  3. If we want to be taken serious They have to see bodies in the streets. It’s not enough to type ones disgust, it will be deleted, but you can’t delete bodies going up Main Street,USA.

    Shut it down!

    I miss open air concerts.

  4. artist.  I was just a pup at 12 years of age then, but she fueled several fantasies in my young life, since she performed on American Bandstand and I could see her image.  She is very attractive.

    Interestingly, she was, like Peter Townshend, a follower of Meyer Baba years ago.  Both of them became alienated from the movement, and with good reason.

    Candles in the Rain is my favorite.  The studio recording is very good in that she pretty much got into the song, like in a live performance.  Brand New Key was funny, in that it was pop but full of sexual innunendo, just like Townshend’s Pictures of Lily.

    The line where she says “I ride my bike, I roller skate, don’t drive no car.  Don’t go very fast but I go pretty far.” is genius.  And with that very sexy voice of hers, well, let it just be said that for an adolescent pervert it fed some fantasies.

    Here is a link to the full version (like the Moody Blues, she often used a poetry opening):

    Just for completion, here are The Who performing Pictures of Lily.  For those of you who really follow The Who, there is a subtle reference to her in Townshend’s Psychoderilect.

    I chose this one intentionally, not because it is the best rendition of the work, but because those kids (was anyone EVER that young) were having fun screwing up a wonderful song.  They eventually got it right.


    Warmest regards,


  5. I keep thinking back to Obama’s acceptance speech in Denver, on August 28, 2008, 40 years to the day of Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. On that night Obama forcefully let one word ring out, a word that desperately needed saying for a very long time, a word that contains all the anger & outrage toward an “immoral” supremacy of the wealthy system that has decimated so many dreams of the average American – that word was “ENOUGH!” – President Obama “when” will your “actions” match the power of that word?

    The wars in Iraq & Afghanistan continue to “surge”, overall Military spending continues to grow, Wall Street & Washington continue their incestuous, insane, “illegal” game of ROBBING the American citizens, while the corporations & their corporate owned politicians make more & more PROFIT. From sea to shining sea the people only see more joblessness, more homelessness, a vast landscape of growing hopelessness; TRILLIONS for Wall Street & War, but only “trickle-down” for we the people.

    Lincoln stood up to the hideous institution of SLAVERY, all previous presidents passed on dealing with the horror that the institution of SLAVERY represented.

    Now President Obama, another president from Illinois stands at the precipice looking squarely into the eyes of another horrific institution, a three headed MONSTER that has shredded our Constitution, stolen the futures of our children, transferred untold amounts of money from the people to the CORPORATIONS & the very RICH. We are witnessing GREED & THEFT on a monumental scale from a soulless, evil, suicidal TROIKA that is literally DEVOURING America. This institution consists of three interdependent entities that MUST be stopped from continuing their rampage, just as the institution of SLAVERY was stopped in Lincoln’s time.

    Wall Street, Washington & the Pentagon, they are the TRIO of DEATH & DESTRUCTION that is raping & pillaging America & the world for that matter, manifesting an institution not unlike SLAVERY, that assaults our very souls! This TROIKA is called EMPIRE!

    President Obama, like President Lincoln, you will SOON have to decide if you will continue to “condone” the HELLISH institution of EMPIRE. Like SLAVERY, there is no middle ground.

    Wall Street has shown itself to be a “compulsive”, “corrupt”, “cancer” that only lives for PROFIT, like any hardcore ADDICT, they can only be helped by STRONG INTERVENTION.

    Washington, on the Republican side are 100% owned by the corporations, CORPORATE POWER is the sole reason for the current Limbaugh Corporatist Republican Party, PLUS many if not most of the Democrats have also been “infected” by corporate MONEY. The American PEOPLE no longer have elected representatives, but only “public servants” that serve THE CORPORATIONS!

    The Pentagon is a TRILLION dollar “per year” boondoggle that consumes money that could go towards health care, education, needed infrastructure, alternative energy, money that could be spent giving better lives for ALL Americans.

    President Obama – remember that word “ENOUGH!”, that you said on the 40th anniversary of Dr King’s speech which  challenged us as a nation to DREAM. Imagine for a moment if Dr. King were alive today & he was in the Oval Office. What do you think, the man that helped so many climb out of despair & told us someday we as a people will reach the mountain top, what would he say?

    Would Dr. King tell you to “steady” the tiller of the USS EMPIRE & make small course corrections or would Dr. King tell you, “Let America DREAM again. But first the “nightmare” of EMPIRE must end before the DREAM can begin.”

    It is time! Tell Wall Street “ENOUGH!”. Tell Washington “ENOUGH!”. Tell the Pentagon “ENOUGH!”. “ENOUGH!” of EMPIRE!

    President Obama it is time to DREAM AGAIN!

    President Obama you ran on CHANGE, but it is becoming more & more clear, that just as Lincoln caused sweeping CHANGE by ending SLAVERY, we today also need “TRANSFORMATIONAL” CHANGE by ending the insanity, the cruelty of EMPIRE.

    President Obama you only need to say one word – “ENOUGH!”

    President Obama end this nightmare, let the DREAM BEGIN.


    • TomP on July 15, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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