Another ‘Nam Vet Dies Alone, This One Homeless…….

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This is the second ‘Nam Vet found to have died alone and remains found way too late. The first, to make any news, was only a few days ago having died in his apartment in NYC, lying there for a couple of months with no one checking in on him even after a foul odor was noticed!

When Bodies Go Unnoticed { NYC Vet }

The second in Florida:

Skeletal remains believed to be missing homeless veteran in Riviera Beach

The police made two announcements about Gary Dale Wilson this week, back to back: Person lost, remains found.

Person lost: Homeless, veteran, 61, 5-foot-10, 140 pounds, missing two months, very ill, needs medicine.

Remains found: In woods, south of Martin Luther King Boulevard. Near a dozen bottles of medicine and cans of liquid food and a little wooden shelter just big enough for someone to sleep comfortably. Still seeking his family……..Rest Here

Then we have a still living Vet fighting for himself and his brothers and sisters to be recognized for what they’re going through.

Gulf War Veteran Tractors to DC

See his location and progress

Nancy Murdy Logsdon wrote The Forgotten Soldier in honor of her long time friend, Matthew Letterman from Willow Springs, MO. Matt is a Gulf War Veteran from 1990-1991 who suffers from Gulf War Illness. Almost 19 years later, he still has not received benefits from the VA.

Matthew Letterman..The Forgotten Soldier

Just think of the many, who served this Nation, our brothers and sisters, that have died alone, many homeless, and never known about!

Or how about the total lack of coverage on those who served in the first Gulf War and many now suffering from a variety of devastating ailments much like our brothers of ‘Nam and Agent Orange, the Vietnamesse are still seeing the results of today!

I post this news up, about these three brothers, as a ‘Nam Vet myself, as a reminder to our returning veterans of the present two conflicts and occupations, that they continue what other Veterans before them have had to do, Fight A Nation they serve, who quickly loose interest after the cheering of Wars of Choice dies down, and they don’t uphold their end of the contracts of those who serve them, and to watch out for each other!

Deja Vu All Over Again


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  1. These people don’t contribute to the economy! They don’t lobby! They’ve served their purpose, can’t they just DISAPPEAR! they’re embarassing!

    I enlisted in ’63. Got out in ’66. I am APPALLED at the treatment that veterans get, while scum such as cheney get rich from war.

    Until the people make sure that they get heard, nothing will happen.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that Osama Bin Laden was right, but he sure got THEIR attention, didn’t he?

    No, no, I’m not advocating violence; but tell me how to get THEIR attention, because even when I vote for THEM THEY don’t seem to hear me once THEY are in office.

    And yes, there is a THEY, and you know damn well who THEY are.

    • Edger on August 1, 2009 at 00:22

    He’s far from alone in  that, sadly…

    Crisis at the VA as Benefits Claims Backlog Nearly Tops One Million

    June 5, 2009

       During the past four months, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) backlog of unfinished disability claims grew by more than 100,000, adding to an already mountainous backlog that is now close to topping one million.

       The VA’s claims backlog, which includes all benefits claims and all appeals at the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and the Board of Veterans Appeals at VA, was 803,000 on January 5, 2009. The backlog hit 915,000 on May 4, 2009, a staggering 14 percent increase in four months.

       The issue has become so dire that veterans now wait an average of six months to receive disability benefits and as long as four years for their appeals to be heard in cases where their benefits were denied.

       Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minnesota), a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said during a hearing in March that the VA is “almost criminally behind in processing claims.”

  2. Afghanistan and Iraq, do nothing but sicken and break your heart.  The deaths, the torture, the poverty, the hunger, the despair, all attributable to our wanton, greedy corporatists and politicians.

    To send men and women into a war(s) based on completely false premises and misleading them into thinking they are there for the purposes of “defending their country” and to pay the ultimate price of death for the same is horrible enough, but it has never stopped there.  Many of those who made it home were maimed so badly as to be rendered almost functionless, others with severe injuries, brain injuries and PTSD.  Once home, some were recalled to service, even those who were “refused” their diagnosis of PTSD, others waited for months to be afforded physical and psychological care and some didn’t last long enough to even see that care, as they could no find no jobs and became homeless, as well — suicide.  

    The complete lack of regard for our “soldiers” happened at the very beginning of the so-called wars, where they were not and never were provided the proper equipment to protect them, in their uniforms and in their military vehicles, and this lack of regard prevailed throughout their tenures — to their deaths, to their utter absence of care once home, physically and psychologically, and, finally, as to their ultimate abilities to sustain themselves.  THIS, then, was THEIR ultimate thanks from this country that sent them into illegal wars — unwitting “fodder.”


    There was some kind of memorial for area soldiers in the Chicago Tribune today — I tried to find it online and could not, and I  had already thrown out the paper.  At any rate, one of the pictures at that memorial was a mother who gently had placed her hand on a picture of her son, whose face was wrenched with such pain and tears, it brought tears to me.  Others looked on her with the same sense of grief-strickenness.  And, ALL FOR WHAT????????

  3. The doctors who operated on him,the VA were he got his liquid food from, and the homeless shelter were he picked up his cans of food…and not one place for him to die in peace.

    Why do we have homeless Vets? Are we only supporting them when they can fight? Are they only any good when we can cry over their graves?

    Gary Dale Wilson had the misfortune to survive the fucking War only to die like an old dog,alone.

    We throw billions at the Wall Street scum,but there is never any money to provide housing for the Vets who gave everything for the cause de jour.

    What a fucked up country we live in!

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