Why you are unemployed.

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In Michigan, we have an internet job/resume bank.   As one of the qualifying conditions for unemployment compensation, laid-off people are required to post their resume in the system.  We currently have 1 million resumes on file and 20,000 jobs.

US fast-tracks hi-tech trade with India; GE India first beneficiary

WASHINGTON: The United States has announced a new programme to fast-track high-technology trade with India from which General Electric’s India division will be the first Indian company to benefit.

“This is an important step in enabling a more rapid and efficient flow of sensitive technology between India and the United States,” US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke announced at the US-India Business Council’s 34th Anniversary “Synergies Summit” Wednesday.  –snip–  

We’re looking forward to reciprocal actions from our partner,” Locke said encouraging other Indian firms also to take advantage of the programme. –snip–

The only countries eligible for the programme to date are India and China, which was approved in late April.

Last year, US companies exported $18 billion worth of goods to India, and India shipped the United States $25 billion worth of goods, Locke said.  –snip–

With Democrats like Obama, corporations don’t need the Republicans in the White House.

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  1. Re-allocation of the US share of world resources greatly enhances the profit margins of Bilderberg attendees.

  2. Spin codes are back.

    • dkmich on June 19, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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