The Timing of it all Seems Strange to Me.

I’ve been thinking about something, and I thought maybe this site could be a place to get the thought out in the open.  On a day when the holocaust museum was attacked by a white supremacist nazi who claimed what he claimed about Jewish people, we hear of the disgraced reverend Wright, expounding his views on the Jewish people.  These two men, maybe a generation apart in age. One is a fan of Hitler, the other a proponent of black empowerment.

These are stories on the news right now.  Then there is the two state issue in the middle east.  The president took a ‘hardline’ position with Israel last week.  Netanyahu, may have to capitulate.  The mood in Israel toward the US is a little defensive and guarded.

Is this coincidence?  Does anyone else out there feel oddly about these recent events?


    • publicv on June 11, 2009 at 23:21

    anything to aid me?

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