The state of The State of South Carolina

Well, I called it.  Governor Sanford of South Carolina was having an affair.  But, that wasn’t the only bombshell dropped in this story as it was also reported that The State newspaper (based in Columbia, SC) knew about the affair since December of 2008, and, didn’t say a word about it!

The state of The State of South Carolina…

If you wonder why I come here to blog, and rant, Gov. Sanford’s affair and The State newspaper sitting on the story until it broke tells it all.  The state of South Carolina is broken.

The Republican’s spout God, Guns, Gays, Abortion, Family Values, the Sanctity of Marriage, and how Moral they are — all while proving themselves to be hypocrite’s on every issue.

The State newspaper is, and has been, a GOP shill rag, always providing cover for the Republican politicians.

And the Democratic Party in South Carolina?  Idiots and cowards.

My state Senator campaign’s as a “Compassionate Conservative“.  Oh, btw, he runs under the Democratic Party banner.  The Director of the South Carolina chapter of the Democratic Party, Carol Fowler, puts out a letter only when pushed to do so denouncing the views of people like Sen. Jim DeMint.  When the Republican’s give you the ammunition, yet, you are too afraid to use it, when the Democratic politician’s won’t even campaign as a Democrat, they are idiots and cowards.

I already knew, and have fought against, The State newspaper’s continuing propensity as a GOP shill rag.  Truthfully, I am at the point that I want to find investors and backers so that I can buy out the controlling interest of The State from McClatchy Holdings.  Know any uber-rich people who would back such a move?

As for Gov. Sanford, he needs to resign given the GOP’s history of calling for any and every Democratic politician who gets into trouble to resign office.  Don’t hold your breath.  

Below is the email I sent to the interested parties:

Once again, we get a Republican politician involved in a sex scandal.  The Republican Party has touted it’s “family values”, the “sanctity of marriage” between only a man and a woman, and how they are so religious that those who aren’t couldn’t possibly as “moral” as they are.  Well, Gov. Sanford obviously has no “family values”, doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage, and isn’t as moral as claimed.  As bad as the hypocrisy of Gov. Sanford is, it is even worse that The State newspaper, reportedly, knew about the affair since December of 2008.  If The State had gotten wind of a Democratic Governor having an affair, and had emails as proof, how long would it have sat on that story?  What more proof do South Carolinian’s and the Democratic Party need that The State is nothing more than a GOP shill rag, just as it has always been?

The State newspaper isn’t the only media outlet in South Carolina.  The SCDP needs to be on the local television news decrying not only Gov. Sanford’s deception to the citizens, but, The State newspaper not reporting the story until it became clear that the Governor couldn’t hide it anymore.  

It simply is unbelievable that the citizen can’t trust its elected politician’s AND its media.  It is just as unbelievable that the opposition Party is so spineless, so afraid to raise its voice, that it gives a citizen so little reason TO vote for them.  

If the Governor had of been a Democrat, The State newspaper would have printed the emails and “broke” the story six months ago.  The SC GOP would have been all over the airwaves decrying the immoral Governor’s actions 24/7.  The Republican-led state legislation would have brought forth a vote denouncing said Governor.  

But, the offending Governor is a Republican.  Will Democrat’s be decrying his actions over the airwaves?  Will the state legislature censure the Governor?  We already have it reported that The State newspaper provided cover for the Governor for SIX MONTHS, WHILE he was having the affair.

The state of South Carolina’s politics has reached rock bottom.  The state of journalism has reached rock bottom.  It is time for a new newspaper to come to Columbia, one that WILL report, WILL investigate, and WON’T be a GOP shill rag.  It may also be time for a third political Party to be organized as both the GOP and Democratic Parties seem to be totally broken.  The GOP is full of hypocritical crooks, and, the Democratic Party is full of spineless cowards who WON’T lead, WON’T stand up, WON’T take a stand.

Michael Gass

I am finishing this listening to Keith Olbermann read the emails that The State sat on for six months.

(Note for the imbecile at DK, chrississippi, who put up this diary: the “crime” of adultery has only been used in civil cases forever, despite being codified under the criminal statutes.)  

And, according to a reporter of The State, more than one reporter at The State had the emails, at least one since December 2008!


    • Joy B. on June 25, 2009 at 17:54

    …having lived there twice in my life and finding it no worse in general than North Florida (on the ‘wrong’ side of US-1) or portions of my current state of NC, which we chose on purpose (for a little bit more rational politics than TN or KY or SC). At least here we like Dems to run our state government, even during Jesse Helms’ reign of Senate terror.

    Politics is a dirty game no matter where you live. Office always goes to the crooked-est contender, because crooked-ness is the name of the game. What gets me riled are the idiots who invest their faith in politicians and political parties as if these were just another expression of their mega-church activities. This hazard became a serious problem when fundamentalists decided to ignore the Bible and the Constitution and practice politics from pulpits. There’s a [scriptural] reason that the shepherds are punished in greater measure than the sheep for this sort of gross error.

    If the ‘Pugs would drop the religious pretenses and blackmail-bait hypocrisy, their sexual issues wouldn’t be interesting outside their own homes. You’d think eventually they’d figure this out.

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